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Cloud Architecture & Optimization In cloud architecture & optimization service, we architect, build & achieve greater control over your IT investments with our cloud solutions using the latest tools & technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.  

Accelerate your business growth by moving to the cloud with Big Oh. Our cloud professionals help you select an IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS model that aligns with your business requirements & provide a comprehensive approach to cloud architecture. 

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    Cloud Architecture & Optimization Services

    Why choose our cloud architecture & optimization?

    Expert Guidance

    Expert Guidance

    Leverage Big Oh’s deep experience in containing costs without sacrificing performance and flexibility. 
    Flexible cloud solutions

    Flexible cloud solutions

    Big Oh can help you leverage any cloud computing solution on your chosen cloud storage service platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP). 
    Tailor-made cloud solutions

    Tailor-made cloud solutions

    Our cloud experts work with your team round the clock to build fast and secure cloud solutions tailored to your business requirements.
    Ongoing Routine Optimization

    Ongoing Routine Optimization

    We’ll help you keep your costs under control going forward by optimization practices for you.
    Eliminate Abrupt Cloud Expenses

    Eliminate Abrupt Cloud Expenses

    We can place controls around your spending to catch unanticipated surges before they happen. 
    24x7 Availability of Cloud Infrastructure

    24x7 Availability

    Maintain data integrity through the 24x7 availability of cloud testing tools & operations.

    Optimize Your Cloud Architecture with our Cloud Architecture & Optimization Service

    Enhance your cloud availability, optimize space, increase your ROI and reduce spending with Big Oh’s cloud architecture and optimization services. Further, boost cloud security and compliance with our reliable solutions.

    Cloud Architecture & Optimization Process

    cloud architecture process

    undertake assessment

    Undertake assessment

    As the first step, we carefully examine the cloud architecture and deployment, paying attention to its reliability, performance, and cost. Further, we identify the bottlenecks, compliance gaps, and unused capacity and ascertain areas of improvement.

    Strategize and create a plan

    After a thorough analysis of your cloud infrastructure, we recommend a strategy that later gets realized into an actionable and feasible plan of cloud optimization initiatives.


    Lastly, Big Oh Tech also effectively delivers reliable, top-class designs and build services within a cloud optimization process. Consisting of highly skilled and proficient cloud architects and engineers, our team facilitates strengthening existing infrastructure.

    Optimize your cloud architecture and Billing through Our Cloud Architecture & Optimization Services

    24*7 Availability | Detailed 100 check points | 20% reduced costing | Scalable and Robust Architecture

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    Min 80 hours per Month 

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    Pre-Audit & Review

    One Infrastructure 

    Max of 3 Nodes 

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    Technologies we use in cloud architecture & optimization service

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistance SDK


    Android Auto


    Android Phones

    Android Tablet

    Android Wear OS

    Android Desktop

    Android Fordable






    Android SDK

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)



    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI



    Client Success Stories

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    Cloud Architecture & Optimization FAQs

    What is the need for cloud optimization?

    Cloud optimization is needed to achieve the following outcomes : 

    • Cost Reduction : One of the best reasons to achieve cloud optimization is cost reduction. One can achieve the same, by scaling up and down the services as per the need. 
    • Scalability : Cloud optimization can help you to scale up and down the services as per the need. By optimizing the cloud resource, you can ensure that you have the right amount of resources as per the need without overprovisioning your cloud server.
    What are the benefits of cloud cost Optimization?

    The benefits of cloud cost optimization is that you can scale up and down the resource as per your needs. This way you only need to pay for the amount of cloud resources you are without overprovisioning your servers.

    How much does a monthly subscription to cloud consulting services cost?

    Please get in touch with our team to know the cost. 

    Can you tell us about your experience and expertise in cloud service?

     We do have a wide experience in cloud service, where we have been managing both the services for our client including dedicated and manage services setup for our client.

    Can you provide examples of successful cloud projects you have completed in the past?

    Please check our portfolio to know more about this. 

    What type of support do you offer after the project is completed?

    We do provide end to end support post our initial setup is completed, Once the services are all setup we do provide managing the same as well. Which includes : Infra management, Scaling up and down the resources as per need, 24*7 availability for the system.

    What is the process of finding quotes and steps for Cloud Optimisation? Do you need any input from our end?

    Yes, we do usually need few details from your end.