Custom Software Development Services

We understand every business has unique needs, so why settle for traditional off-the-shelf software? As a custom software development company, we prioritize understanding your business requirements first to provide digital solutions that make you stand out, offering full flexibility and greater control over the development process.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Streamline Your Business Processes
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Cost-Effectiveness

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    Custom Software Development Services

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    Leading Custom Software Development Agency

    Our custom application development services allow businesses to innovate & deliver better business results. That’s truly possible when we break the “one size fits all” approach and give every business a customized software solution that’s as unique as their business ideas. 

    Our experts carry years of expertise in the full cycle of software development, from ideation and delivery to maintenance.

    They use the latest technologies like AR/VR, AI/ML, Blockchain, and IoT and meticulously follow business processes to deliver a product that adds tangible value to your business.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Advanced Technologies for Your Custom Solution

    Robust Architecture


    Our experts employ cutting-edge AI technologies in crafting software solutions to help you make better decisions in the future, streamline business processes, predict customer behavior, and provide personalized digital experiences to users.


    Data analytics

    Our dedicated team of data engineers uses data storage techniques to bring tangible results for your business such as improved decision-making, enhanced user experience, optimized business processes, and a competitive edge in the market.


    Our experts have technical know-how on making the best use of IoT technology to develop SMART solutions for SMART businesses. Thus, they can achieve cost savings, minimize waste, automate routine tasks, and unlock valuable insights.

    Agile Development


    We provide custom software development services in the US by harnessing the power of innovative technology such as Metaverse to create virtual environments that provide immersive experiences to customers.


    In this digital landscape, we are helping businesses using cloud technology to develop custom software solutions. By using cloud-based security measures, you are not just building ordinary apps but creating forward-facing products that adapt to user needs and at the same time protect sensitive business information.


    As an AR/VR app development company, we have 5+ years of expertise in creating engaging AR/VR apps that blend physical and virtual worlds. Integration of AR/VR technology in developing customized software offers various benefits such as increasing customer engagement, enhancing customer experience, and driving more business revenue.

    Why Choose Our Custom Software Developers?

    Robust Architecture

    Robust Architecture

    BigOhTech uses a pragmatic approach in designing robust software that adapts to customers' changing needs and can be scaled up/down in case the business requires it.

    Future-Ready Products

    We leverage our developers' expertise and use the latest tools & technologies to build customer-centric products including cloud-native, ML-augmented, IoT-enabled & analytics-driven.

    Agile Development

    Agile Development

    We are known for adopting agile development best practices that assist us in quicker turnaround time that too at lower cost right from the ideation to the launch of apps.   

    Guaranteed Maintenance & Support

    We always strive hard to provide our clients with regular support as well as proactively solve issues on time.



    Your business is in capable hands because you get access to top-notch talent at competitive prices that will make your business shine.


    As a custom app development company, we go the extra mile in developing high-performance and secure software.

    Custom Software Development Process

    custom software development process

    IOT Consulting

    Research & Discovery

    We identify what’s missing in the marketplace and analyze how our product can fill the gap using various techniques including market research and analysis, competitive analysis, etc.

    Validating & Shaping Idea

    In this step, we compile our research information, and discover the product that targets the identified market problem. Meanwhile, we undertake product strategy as a next step.

    Design & Prototyping

    After conducting product discovery and strategy, our process starts with product design and prototyping. This is a crucial step as the robustness of design assures development of reliable and scalable product.
    new product development


    The next step involves development of custom software . We ensure that the final product embodies business values and enables the business to achieve its goals.
    UA Testing

    Testing & Quality Assurance

    Testing and Quality assurance is as important as the development of a product. So, we perform product testing to identify the bottlenecks or bugs and keeping the quality top notch.
    Support and maintenance

    Maintenance & Support

    We provide round-the-clock maintenance and support services to our clients to keep the software up and running.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Your Custom Application Development Partner

    Why settle with developing off-the-shelf software every time your business ideas and customer needs are different?

    As a renowned custom app development agency, we have a cross-functional team of developers, designers, business analysts, and testers who are passionate about solving business problems by creating tailor-made software that speaks to your audience.

    Technologies We Use In Custom Software Development

    • Programming Languages
    • Framework
    • Database
    • Cloud

















    Node JS


    .NET (Core, MVC)


    Spring Boot


    React Next




    Android (Flutter, Kotlin)


    iOS (Flutter, Swift)


    Headless CMS (Strapi, Keystone))


    Laravel & Code Igniter (PHP)


    NoSQL (Cassandra, Neo4j, MongoDB, CosmosDB)

    relational db

    Relational DB (Oracle, PostgresDB, MS SQL)




    Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean






    Client Success Stories

    Take A Look At Our Portfolio

    Airtel Xtream

    Airtel Xtream

    The client wanted to integrate a secure payment gateway and support various codecs on both the Android and iOS platforms.
    FnP Promotion engine

    Ferns N Petals

    The client was in the process of revamping its back-office portals when issues related to promotion engine module were faced. 

    Custom Software Development FAQs

    What is custom software development?

    Custom software development refers to the process of creating software applications tailored to meet specific business requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf software solutions, It allows businesses to build applications that meet their unique needs and processes.

    How much does it cost to develop custom software?

    The cost to develop a custom software solution depends on various factors such as- 

    • the complexity of the software,  
    • size of the development team,  
    • geographical location of the software development agency, 
    • how complex the UI/UX design is,  
    • the need to integrate with existing software systems,  
    • years of experience in custom software development domain, etc.  

    To give you a ballpark figure, the average cost of developing custom software ranges between $25,000-$3,00,000.  


    Who decides on the development methodology?

    The software development service provider will assist you in deciding which methodology is best fit for your project needs.

    For instance – The waterfall model is highly suited for projects that have defined requirements.
    Alternatively, if you want to go for faster project releases, you should go with agile methodology.

    How long does custom software creation take?

    The duration of development varies depending on the complexity of the application, the development methodology used, and the team size. Typically, the development of custom software takes between 3 to 9 months.

    What are the benefits of custom application development?
    The benefits of custom software development include the ability to build applications tailored to meet specific business requirements, improved efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, and gaining a competitive advantage.
    How do I choose right custom software developer?
    Choosing a trusted custom software development company can be easy. You just need to perform the following steps as mentioned below-
    • Identify your project requirements
    • Create a checklist of software development companies. Read their reviews and ratings of these companies on Clutch.
    • Check out the portfolio section on their website.
    • Ask them which tech stack they have been using.
    • Do they support post-development support?