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From proactive maintenance strategies to 24/7 helpdesk support, we are your trusted partner in ensuring the reliability and security of your IT infrastructure. 

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    IT Support & Maintenance Services

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    Proactive IT Maintenance & Support Solutions Agency

    Our IT support and maintenance services minimize risk, ensure reduced costs and improve ROI by not letting maintenance costs eat into the development budget.

    We adopt an advanced approach inclusive of on-call production support, proactive maintenance, enhancements, bug-fixing, user support & training. We also provide support and maintenance plans that account for expected and unexpected software issues across a range of devices and systems.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our IT Support & Maintenance Service?

    Exceptional Reputation

    Exceptional Reputation

    BigOh reputation is proven by years of experience and verified by our valued clients.



    Our processes are built to ensure absolute transparency so that you always know how the project is going.   



    We put the quality of our software products first, which is constantly verified by our certified team of QA engineers.

    IP & Data Protection

    Protecting the data of our clients is the crucial thing for us, which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure.

    Individual Approach

    We tailor our maintenance services and approach to work for individual clients given their domain, budget, and expectations.

    Free Trial

    Free Trial

    We are confident in our ability to deliver the best services, so we provide a risk-free trial to get to know each other.

    Our IT Support & Maintenance Approach Framework

    it maintenance process


    Service Level Agreement

    When taking on a new project, our support team drafts an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which outlines our response time and ensures our team's availability to your needs.
    formal request

    Formal Request

    After receiving your support request, we set up a meeting with you to discuss the current state of your software product, any recent changes made to the code, updates, error messages, & any other factors that could have played a role in causation.
    system analysis

    Systems Analysis

    At this stage, we assess your systems to identify the root cause. While analyzing systems does include reviewing the code attached to the function, it also involves determining other possible causes such as out-of-date subscriptions and malware.
    solution evaluation

    Solution Evaluation

    At this stage, we scope out all potentially affected features before documenting procedures and impacts, then we provide a recommendation and review of all options with you to designate a route to resolution.


    Our technical support lead produces bug tickets to begin the work right away. By using debugging tools, and reviewing logs, we drill down to all lines of code that accompany broken features and functions.


    Once we verify that all features and functions are stable and operating as designed in our test environment, we then deploy the bug fixes to live production. Then our experts ask for your sign-off before closing the request.
    release and reporting

    Release and Reporting

    Here, our qualified experts prepare detailed maintenance reports that can be further used for recording keeping in future.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Get The Best Operational Expertise With Our IT Support & Maintenance Experts

    BigOh provides top notch maintenance services to fix your bugs and ensure that your applications work smoothly.

    FAQs Related to IT Support & Maintenance Services

    What is the difference between IT maintenance and support?

    IT maintenance refers to ensuring the availability and monitoring of the servers and the applications running on those servers. This involves installing and updating regular updates and patches on the system, monitoring logs and routine server maintenance activities.

    On the other hand support services includes assistance being provided to end to end user of the application or the system. This can include wide range of activities such as troubleshooting problem, installing desired hardware and software, and guiding the end users on how to use an application.

    What type of support do you offer after hours and on weekends?

    In case you are experiencing P1 issues on the application, we do provide support for such activities after hours and even on holidays. Please refer to the plan for more details.

    How do you ensure data security and privacy during maintenance and support activities?

    Here are the few steps that we ensure to maintain the security and privacy of the systems:

    • Access Control: Ensure that only the valid and authorized users are able to access the servers, therefore, no one apart from the designated team can access the system and compromise the security and data.
    • Encryption: Ensure that the data in transit and at rest are being encrypted and the decryption keys are not checked in directly in the code. This allows the data to be secured and any unauthorized entity won’t be able to see the actual information.
    • Logging and Auditing: Ensures logging and auditing tools are active to store and monitor all the interaction taking place and can detect any suspicious behavior taking place.
    How do you approach ongoing IT maintenance and support to ensure that systems are running optimally?

    Here are the steps that we follow :

    Monitoring: Proactively monitor the server and identify the issues earlier only before they become critical.

    Regular maintenance and Upgrades: Ensure that the regular maintenance, upgrades and patches are being installed to keep the system updated and functioning smoothly.

    Maintain Proper Documentation: All the necessary logs and key finding needs to be documented in a structured manner. This enable the relevant stakeholders to take a proper action and approach to the issues that were identified.

    Risk assessment: Continuously monitor risk and identify all the potential vulnerabilities that can take place in the servers on which the applications are being hosted.