iOS app development company in Noida

BigOhTech is a leading iOS app development company in Noida that builds feature-rich iOS applications for enterprises.

Moreover, Having a skilled team of IOS app developers to transform your ideas into data-secure and user-friendly iOS applications.

Our exceptional capabilities make us known for creating secure, reliable, and scalable products that turn businesses into profitable ventures.

Get All In One IOS Development Services At BigOhTech

Having an experience of more than 15 years, we are here to develop unbeatable iOS apps for your business that make you stand out from the crowd.   

BigOhTech was founded in the year 2020 to provide innovative solutions to businesses that create an impeccable impact on businesses.   

Our IOS app developers create beautiful, engaging, and innovative IOS apps to bring your business ideas to life.

We strive to develop best-in-class iOS applications that people love downloading on their I-phones.   

Being the iOS app development agency in Noida, we believe there is never a one size fits all approach. We are an expert I-phone app development company in Noida, handling 100+ projects in various domains.   

At BigOhTech, we follow 3 chain value models– Being innovative, adopting transparent practices in our work environment, and creating a bigger impact on the life of businesses.   

Our professional iOS app developers craft engaging and scalable iOS applications using various technologies and tech stacks such as Swift and powerful tools such as Xcode.   

Besides that, With an average rating of 4.5, we have delivered 150 live apps on the app store. We develop engaging iOS applications using our 3 step iOS app development process, which starts with planning, designing the iOS application, and deploying the mobile application.

Let’s look at iOS app development services in Noida   

Custom iOS Application Development

As the iOS app development company in Noida, we have a dedicated team of professional iOS app developers who can create customized and tailor-made applications for your business.   

Having an experience of more than 15 years in the technical industry, we are proficient in developing iOS apps that rock in the industry by following Apple human interface guidelines.   

iOS Application UI/UX Design   

Being the iOS app development company in Noida, our iOS app professionals aim to create robust and scalable apps that align with customer expectations and create a lasting impression in customers’ minds.   

An interactive UI/UX design on your iOS apps lets the users spend more time on your application which drives more engagement and leads to increased sales.

iOS Maintenance And Support   

Our Shopify App Developers won’t stop even after the application gets developed. We are there with you by providing end-to-end maintenance and support services. In addition, We constantly monitor the performance of iOS apps to ensure that your iOS apps function smoothly

iOS App Development Consultation   

As an iOS app development company, we offer premium consultation that suggests effective and innovative iOS apps suitable for your business needs.  

Additionally, Our team of iOS app developers assesses whether iOS apps are a good fit for your project, depending on the project requirements. 

Why Choose BigOh?  

  • As an iOS app development company in Noida, we use the latest frameworks, such as Swift and X code, to create secure and scalable iOS apps.   
  • We follow transparent practices by keeping our clients in the loop throughout the application development process.  
  • We strive to develop engaging iOS apps that work flawlessly across iPhones, i-pads, etc.  
  • Having a dedicated team of 50+ iOS app developers who can transform your app idea into a functioning app

Wanted to hear about client wins?  

Recently, we helped a brand called Wild Fork Foods, where the client wished to have an offline to online transition and we helped client by creating an application for iOS and Android that provided a big success for our client – increasing their sales by 2x on the forefront, enhancing their user experience and motivated customers to install their apps.   

Want to see the results that we brought for our clients? Head over to the portfolio section on our website to get an idea of how investing in our iOS app development services can 3x your business growth.   

So, Drop all your queries by clicking on our contact us page, and our experts will reply to you shortly.  


How to find the right iOS app development firm in Noida?

 Here are the few things you need to keep in mind before hiring the right iOS app development firm in Noida -  

  • Firstly, Create a checklist of iOS app development companies that would perfectly match your project requirements.   
  • Secondly, Ensure the iOS app developers are familiar with iOS technologies and frameworks such as objective c, Swift, etc.   
  • Thirdly, Check whether the iOS app developers can meet project deadlines on time.   
  • Ensure whether the iOS app development company provides post-deployment support or not.  
  • Lastly, you need to find an affordable solution that can develop iOS apps, but simultaneously, you should never compromise on the quality aspect.
How much will it cost for iOS app development in Noida?

There is no fixed cost for developing iOS apps. iOS app development depends on various factors mentioned below -  

  • The size of the iOS app is a prominent factor responsible for the increase in cost. The greater the number of features, the higher the cost of developing iOS apps.   
  • Simple apps having basic features cost less than developing advanced apps with advanced functionalities.   
  • It depends on your chosen partner – Is it a freelance iOS app developer or an iOS app development company?   
  • The cost of developing an iOS app differs from location to location.   

So, To give you a ballpark figure, developing an iOS app costs $25-$30 per hour.

What are the things to remember while selecting an iOS app development company?
  • Before hiring an iOS app development company, conduct overall market research. Ensure that the company you outsource is well-versed with iOS frameworks and technologies.   
  • Compare the cost of developing iOS apps and select the company based on your budget.   
  • Evaluate whether the iOS app developers use the latest tools and technologies.   
  • Assess whether the iOS app development company has a proven track record and ask them to provide references for you.