As the top mobile app development company in Delhi, BigOhTech has served many businesses to transform their digital ideas into fully- functional, revenue-generating applications. A long-running existence in the industry, exposure to unique businesses and multiple client ideas, and proficiency in the domain, have helped us to carve out a name for ourselves in the tech and IT industry.   

We at BigOhTech, the best app development company in Delhi, offer a range of services from mobile app and web app development to staff augmentation and maintenance, and support. We strive to deliver excellence and maximum utility as the top app development company in Delhi. 

We believe in ensuring 100% transparency with our clients, innovating, and making an impact with every mobile application and software development. Furthermore, we love to update ourselves with the latest and modern technologies and methods introduced in the tech industry now and then to help clients dominate markets with the most sophisticated digital products.   

Our mobile applications are completely compatible with emerging technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, etc. Our agile, skilled, and professional 20 + teams of developers, designers, and IT experts ensure that your ideas are optimized through the mobile applications developed by the best mobile app development company in Delhi.   

As the best app development agency in Delhi, BigOhTech always looks for innovative and creative ways to include the most suitable and accurate features and functionalities in your mobile applications. We develop solutions that are compatible with multiple devices and platforms to ensure that any kind of accessibility issues does not restrict a business to realize its digital goals.   

Being the leading app developer in Delhi, BigOhTech has given the market 800+ engaging and user-friendly apps and is driven by results and quality. We aim to deliver more such feature-rich apps and help businesses grow and achieve their business goals, with the latest technology.   

As the best app development company in Delhi, we offer the following mobile application development services: 

Custom Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

As the leading app development agency in Delhi, BigOhTech offers reliable, scalable, and secure app development services to businesses seeking to digitalize their operations and engagement.   

With Big Oh’s custom app development solutions, a business can leverage technology to expand its reach, engage a larger audience and boost sales. Our creative and practical mobile app solutions enable our clients to modernize their services and make us the best mobile app development company in Delhi! 

Application Development Team in Delhi  

We at the best app development company in Delhi, have extremely talented and skilled teams of developers, IT specialists, project managers, QAs, and designers, to take your business to the next level. Using cutting-edge technology, our dedicated teams develop the most engaging, intuitive, and market-oriented mobile app solutions.   

As a successful app development agency in Delhi, our teams are highly professional and collaborative. Our app developers in Delhi build practical mobile applications that are secure while incorporating all the client’s ideas and ensuring faster time to market.

Android, iOS, and Flutter Mobile App Development in Delhi  

BigOhTech, the top app development company in Delhi, specializes in creating mobile applications for multiple platforms such as Android, and iOS, and apps that are compatible with both, Flutter apps.   

With Big Oh’s collaborative approaches, robust architecture, and code testing and analysis, we offer business engagement on native platforms, as well as hybrid and cross-platform.   

Being a leading mobile app development company in Delhi, we offer clients the most suitable guidance and build the most value-generating mobile apps.

Mobile Application Modernization in Delhi  

BigOhTech, leading app development services in Delhi, assist businesses with revamping their legacy mobile applications through application modernization services.   

We help businesses to evolve and stay relevant as time progresses and market dynamics change. Businesses use our services to transform their applications and make them more modern and efficient.  

As the best mobile app development agency in Delhi, our strategists and developers work day and night to re-engineer your legacy apps and make them more viable, faster, and secure, while ensuring that your day-to-day operations do not get disrupted whatsoever. 

Mobile Application Maintenance in Delhi   

As a trusted app development company in Delhi, BigOhTech considers support and maintenance for the products developed as a non-negotiable factor while collaborating with any business for mobile and web app development.   

We offer around-the-clock support and maintenance services, adjusting to different time zones and catering to all client requirements. As an app development company in Delhi, we provide the best after-development services and support.   

Why Choose BigOhTech?  

  • Robust project analysis, strategizing, and engineering reflected through 100+ successful projects  
  • Adaptable engagement models give you 100% project flexibility   
  • 24*7 support and maintenance services  
  • 800+ apps developed with robust architecture and monitoring services  
  • Cost-effective solutions with 10+ years of experience in app development and support   

While these are only some of the reasons for choosing us, there are many more!   

We are a winner of Telegram’s Blackberry 10 award, and we are recognized as the best app development company by App Futura, India. Moreover, in a short span, BigOhTech became an ISO 27001 & CMMI Level 3 certified company 

We strive to work hard to add more feathers to our cap in the future and keep earning happy clients.   

Visit our website, check out our services, and read through our portfolio to know about our successful endeavors.   

After visiting our website, you would know why we are the best mobile app development company in Delhi!


How to find the right app development company in Delhi?

The right app development company in Delhi could be found through referrals, social media pages, and networking sites like LinkedIn. One can also check out reviews and feedback websites to know about existing companies.   

While choosing among the available options, a business should check the company's industry experience, domain expertise, and product sale strategies. Furthermore, portfolios, success stories, and use cases should be analyzed to see if any of the company’s previous work is in line with the client's requirements.   

Moreover, always go for the company that offers support and maintenance services after app development. This is an important aspect of app development and maintenance.   

And if you are looking for the right and best mobile app development company in Delhi, then do not forget to visit the website of BigOhTech. We are a leading name in the mobile app development industry. AppFutura has recognized BigOhTech as the top app development company.   

So, visit our website and get a great app today!  

How to find a good app developer in Delhi?

A good app developer in Delhi could be found through referrals, networking sites, and staff augmentation companies.   

A good app developer should possess great analytical skills along with expertise in algorithms and data structure. Further, he/she should have theoretical and more importantly, practical knowledge. And the right attitude is a must.   

If you choose to hire in-house developers, then carefully examine them as per the metrics given above. However, if you choose to hire through the staff augmentation model, then you must keep the following points in mind.  

One must always look for a staff augmentation company that provides vetted app developers with appropriate industry experience and exposure, and technical proficiency. Moreover, the company should have the flexibility to provide the best, efficient resources at the time of requirement, especially at the time of scale-up.  

There are more tips to find the right app developer for your product, read them here.   

BigOhTech offers the most dedicated and skilled app developer in Delhi under its staff augmentation services. We ensure that all the above-written qualities and skills are present in our agile app developers through a rigorous hiring process.  

Using agile methodologies, our skilled app developers ensure that the product development process is smooth and thorough. They align their project goals with the business goals, and work accordingly.    

So, get vetted app developers in Delhi today!

Does BigOhTech provide an iOS app development service?

Yes, BigOhTech provides iOS app development services in Delhi, across India, and globally.   

BigOhTech offers usable and innovative solutions and integrations across various Apple products and devices. We use cutting-edge iOS app development technologies and stacks like Swift, using powerful tools such as XCode to build robust and secure iOS apps.   

From iOS app development consultation to development to deployment and iOS app maintenance, we offer it all at affordable prices.   

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What is the difference between iOS app development and Android app development?

The key difference between iOS app development and Android app development is the operating system/platform they are built for and the programming languages. Android is Google’s operating system, while iOS belongs to Apple.   

The iOS apps are built on Swift, a coding language that is unique to Apple. Whereas Android apps tend to be built on Java and Kotlin, much more complicated languages to work with.

How to hire a Mobile App Developer on Staff Aug Model in Delhi?

The Staff Augmentation model allows a business to hire a vetted and skilled mobile or any other app developer in Delhi and worldwide from a third-party vendor, to work on its premises.   

Now there are some things to keep in mind and consider before hiring a mobile app developer for the staff augmentation model in Delhi. The mobile app developer should have analytical as well as data structure skills. He/she should have the appropriate and relevant industry experience, exposure, and expertise. This goes for the resource service provider as well.   

Further, the mobile app developer should have practical know-how along with technical proficiency. Similarly, the staff augmentation company should have product marketing and sales strategies along with technical skills.   

Lastly, the right attitude and availability at the time of need, are musts for both the mobile app developer and the staff augmentation company.   

Big Oh Tech is a leading staff augmentation company in Delhi that provides some of the best mobile app developers in Delhi, at affordable prices. We possess all the above-mentioned qualities and sill, and much more!  

Our skilled, agile mobile app developers are experienced and well-equipped to take on unique business ideas and transform them into high-functioning utility mobile apps.   

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