Benefits of Using ReactJs

If you are looking to create the front-end part of web development, React JS is the go-to option for you in that case. But is that a profitable option for you?

The answer is a big YES. Various businesses have been using the React JS framework for a while now. It’s an undeniable truth that more than a million websites rely on this framework, so what makes React so popular? Let’s uncover the various benefits of React Js in this blog.

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What is React JS?

Facebook developed the React.js framework in 2013 for building interactive user interfaces and web apps. Developers can create web apps with significantly little code. Thanks to the reusable components feature. 

The introduction of React js started way back in 2011 when Facebook had several users, and they wanted to provide a richer user experience.  

An engineer at Facebook (Jordan Walke) created this framework and simplified the development process of creating dynamic user interfaces. 

The company wanted to run multiple user interfaces simultaneously, especially for chat and news feed updates.  

Many developers believe that React JS is a framework. However, it’s a library. Developers use it in the web development domain, especially for front-end development.  

React js framework is used by around 11503 companies in their tech stack

A unique specialty of React is that you can either build an entire site using this framework or use a single React component on one page.  

Various companies, including Netflix, Uber, Yahoo, etc., tried this framework to develop their websites.  

Most Popular Technologies
Most Popular Technologies

Stack Overflow conducted a recent survey and React js is ranked number 1 compared to its competitors. 

Benefits of React js

Benefits of React js
Benefits of React js

1. Reusable Components  

One of the prominent benefits of React js framework is that developers can reuse the React component for creating another application. For developers, reusable components are like a miracle. 

With this, development efforts are minimized, and users can still expect a flawless performance. Furthermore, it saves time for developers as they no longer need to write code for various features. 

If you think the React framework is used specifically for creating web applications, then it’s not the case. You can use this framework for creating Android and iOS apps, as Facebook has upgraded this framework. 

2. Virtual DOM 

Virtual DOM enhances the project’s performance and improves the overall page experience and user load times.  

When you are creating a dynamic app that requires many user interactions, it’s inevitable for you to think about the structure of an app.  

A DOM model is a tree-like representation; any modifications at a higher level can impact the performance of an app. Facebook has introduced a virtual DOM structure for heavy load and dynamic apps to solve this issue. 

Therefore, Virtual DOM facilitates faster rendering of applications as an app does not have to re-render the entire user interface, thus resulting in fast loading time. 

3. SEO-Friendly  

Today, the success of every business depends on how well your website is optimized for Google.  

According to Moz, “sites that load content faster on webpages are more likely to rank at the top of SERP”. 

Similarly, the React framework offers faster rendering speed, reducing page load time. So, businesses get a fair chance to secure the first rank of SERP.   

Earlier, it took more work for JavaScript apps to get ranked by search engines, so many websites could not secure top positions on SERP. 

React js solves this issue by providing a search engine-optimized user experience for search engines. In addition, it makes your site SEO-friendly with the help of SSR and meta tags.  

4. Easy to Learn and Use

Easy to Learn and Use
Easy to Learn and Use

Unlike Angular and Vue, it’s quite easy to learn React. Also, if you have a good grasp of JavaScript, learning React is similar to performing a 5-finger exercise. It is easy to learn this framework, so most brands are inclined towards building their projects using this.  

Regarding simplicity in software development, the React JS framework takes the front seat. You can become a pro at JavaScript by installing React and building applications within a few hours.  

You can get the hang of this framework by watching several YouTube videos and consuming some test materials.  

5. Strong Community Support  

Another benefit of React JS framework is its strong community support. Currently, React JS has 139K stars on GitHub and 38.9k contributors.  

More and more developers are contributing to this framework, and this community is growing daily. 

Even if you search on Google about learning react tutorial, it will fetch you around 15,00,00,000 results.

Besides that, you can find qualified professionals on Stack Overflow and Quora, and you will get solutions as and when you are stuck with this framework. As it has been an open-source framework since 2015, many developers are interacting with it. 

Such a community offers immense support to fellow developers; say, for instance, if you have a problem, another developer resolved it already. Thus, developers can post their queries in community forums and even get access to many ideas from them.  

Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow

6. Access to Great Developer Tools

React provides developers with access to developer tools to scale their development process and create top-notch applications.  

Various React developer tools are readily available in the market, and some of these tools even have browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  

A few examples of React developer tools include Storybook, Create React App, Reacticide, Bit, Reactsight, React Proto, etc. 

Facebook itself created such tools and upgraded them regularly. Such tools enable the developers to write faster code and create high-performing web applications. 

With a vast pool of developer tools, react developers can inspect React components, and now editing React code has become even easier.

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How Does React JS Work?

A significant benefit of React JS is that HTML code can be infused with JavaScript.  

Here are some benefits of infusing Javascript code with HTML –  

  • Facebook developers got to know that the document object model (DOM) is slow when building client-side apps. 
  • Document object model (DOM) represents a tree-like structure. So, any HTML code you write gets added to this tree as a node. To sum up, DOM signifies the logical structure of an application.  
  • Now, there is a virtual DOM that Facebook implemented. React framework uses virtual DOM structure whenever there is a requirement of reading and writing the code. 

Virtual DOM makes the performance of real DOM faster. Here, developers can represent the Dom node by using the element function in React.   

Element function in React
Element Function in React

The above code you have noticed is similar to XML. Here, React Js is written using JSX to make the code simpler and cleaner. 

Here’s a glimpse of how React code would look when written using JSX.  


Here’s a breakdown of HTML tags as given below-  

  • My Counter> 

 It is a variable that signifies numerical expression.  

  • Gamerscores  

An object literal having 2 prop pair 

  • Dashboard Unit>  

An XML block that is displayed on the page  

  • Scores  

It represents a score attribute, and it got its value from Gamerscores.  

Wrapping Up

The blog above discussed various benefits of React JS and how it works.  

You might get enough insights that React JS is a JavaScript library for robust web applications. If you have not started using React, leveraging this framework is high time, as it offers limitless possibilities.  

Here’s a quick recap of why you should start using React-  

  • Easy to learn and use  
  • Strong community support  
  • advanAccess to great developer tools
  • Virtual DOM  
  • SEO friendly  
  • Reusability component  

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