Hire the Right iOS App Development Agency Or Team

One cannot underestimate the importance of hiring the right iOS app development agency or team. The process may seem taxing, but is equally rewarding and thus, deserves all sweat and tears.  

Why? Let’s see.  

What is iOS development?

iOS application development involves creating apps for different devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Developing apps for Apple’s operating system is referred to as iOS app development. You need to be an expert in two programming languages: Swift and Objective-C to master the art of iOS app development.

Objective-C has been around for ages. Swift is in high demand these days because it’s quite easy to learn and is considered a modern programming language for someone who is a novice in iOS app development.

Unlike Android apps, the iOS source code is in a closed ecosystem. However, not everyone can access the source code of iOS.

Responsibilities of iOS App Developers

An iOS app developer is an individual who knows the intricacies of Apple’s ecosystem. They have an in-depth understanding of how to create an iOS app that works seamlessly without any interruptions across different iOS devices. Let’s discuss a few responsibilities of app developers who want to master iOS app development:

  1. Know how to write clean code.
  2. Responsible for optimizing the code of applications in the iOS ecosystem.
  3. Fix the bugs as and when they arise. Clean code is easily maintainable.
  4. Keep themselves up to date with the latest iOS app development trends.

Importance Of The Right iOS App Development Agency

The Apple App Store witnessed a 120% growth between 2017-2021, with users spending an estimated $85.1 billion on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in 2021 alone. This is how financially profitable and hence, rewarding the Apple App Store is.  

Moreover, a mobile app is a commitment along with a huge investment. Therefore, the iOS app development agency/teams chosen for it should be capable of fulfilling this commitment while achieving time and cost efficiencies.   

When building a mobile app, a business has a bigger goal in mind that it needs to target with this product within a specified period. In fact, the global mobile app market share reinforces this statement. The market is expected to witness a CAGR of 23.80% during this decade.

The quality, time taken and the resultant numbers, are significant aspects of any product development cycle. And therefore, to optimize the limited resources, a business seeks a dedicated iOS app development team or developers that are adept at their work.  

It looks out for iOS app developers or teams, that hold industry experience, exposure, and expertise. In all honesty, this is not an easy task. It requires extensive research and also mindfulness of some non-negotiable factors.   

Moreover, Apple has a strict regulatory framework. So, this makes iOS app development, a process that demands additional attention and proficiency. Interestingly, Indian iOS app development agencies have some of the best iOS app developers who are well up to date with the regulations, tools, and technologies that iPhone apps require.   

Additionally, these app development agencies have exposure to global clients and projects, enabling them to learn some of the best skills and techniques from all around the world and offer them.   

Do’s Of Hiring The Right iOS Development Agency Or Team

Hiring the Right iOS Development Agency or Team
Hiring the Right iOS Development Agency or Team

1. Identify And Define Your Project Requirements   

With clarity of project requirements and specifics, only will a business would be able to optimize its resources and build an appropriate iOS app for its audience with unambiguous communication between parties.   

Therefore, as the first and foremost step, a business needs to clearly understand and define the scope of its iOS app along with its target pain points and audience. In–depth, market research is the prerequisite for all these analyses.   

Once the business identifies the basics, it should narrow down the features and functionalities required to target the intended pain points in the marketplace and as per the allocated budget. Moreover, one should discuss the basic design of the iOS app.. This would allow the business to convey the brand ethos, and story through designs, colors, and details of the iOS app.   

Lastly, one needs to talk about the project timeline, including the pre-, during, post-development, and launch phases. Project timelines are important to streamline the iOS app development process and avoid delays or failures.   

2. Industry Experience And Expertise  

A business should search through LinkedIn, and Captera for outsourcing software companies/iOS app development teams and Fiverr, or Upwork for freelancers. A business must check the industry experience and expertise of the potential iOS app development teams. Also, check if they have won any awards or recognitions.  

The experience should not be limited to just a single market but should be diverse with a global presence, clients, and projects. This would ensure that the third-party service provider is aware of the global quality standards, work ways, languages, and time zones.   

3. Previous Projects  

Further, visit the website of potential iOS app development agencies and check out their work portfolios, teams, services, etc. Through previous works and projects, try to understand and analyze the potential agency’s comfort and proficiency with the iOS app development tools and technologies, and other emerging compatible technologies.  

Also, review their testimonials and references. Check if the team has ever worked with a client from your location, look or ask for some contacts, and check the number or frequency of repeat deals. 

4. Reviews And Ratings   

Another aspect to check thoroughly is the industry image or standing. Check out client reviews, feedback, and reviews through online sites like Google reviews, Clutch, CIO Review, Ambition Box, Glassdoor, and Quora.   

5. Remote Work   

Lastly, check the communication skills of the agency along with how well-equipped they are to work remotely, with proper communication, collaboration, and coordination capabilities.   

6. Interviewing The Shortlisted iOS App Development Teams  

Once the above factors are checked and found correct, a business should interview the shortlisted iOS app development agencies in India. This is done to know more about the service providers for a successful partnership.   

The agenda of the interview would be to communicate the project details and requirements and check how well the other party has understood the project and what value it is adding.   

This would include the following aspects:  

  • Ask about their approach to iOS app development and analyze their plan of execution. Check their tech stack. Examine their development methodologies, frameworks, and approaches applied, along with design guidelines for iOS apps.  
  • Evaluate their analytical skills along with technical acumen. Additionally, interact with the team and review their experience, specialization, and seniority levels and ask for their code samples. 
  • Check their ability to work within the allocated budget and within the project timelines.  
  • Examine the team’s ability for troubleshooting and bug fixing along with support and maintenance services.  
  • Ask for their preferred communication channels and reporting process. Ensure this aligns with your project requirements and company work ethics to avoid future conflicts.   

The iOS app development company that fulfills all or most of your criteria should be chosen.   

7. Knowledge of the iOS ecosystem

While partnering with a mobile app development company, make sure to choose an iOS app developer who possesses a sound understanding of the Apple ecosystem, what things are a part of this, and how to create an application that attracts more customers.

Once a developer has a deep-level understanding of the iOS app ecosystem, he/she can create high-quality iOS apps.

8. Understanding of new technology

In this fast-paced digital world, an iOS app developer needs to stay updated with new technologies to create engaging iOS apps.

For instance, ARKit, an emerging technology, was used by IKEA. The iOS app developers leveraged this technology to excite their users with immersive AR experiences for iPad and iPhone.

Another advancement in the field of iOS app development is Core ML3. With this technology, iOS app developers can integrate machine learning while creating apps. This model enhances your app performance by reducing the footprint and consuming less power.

9. Finalizing The Contract  

Once the iOS app development company has been chosen, define the scope of the project to the other party with utmost clarity. Establish a detailed project plan for smooth and streamlined project operations.   

Then discuss the payment terms and mode clearly to avoid any misunderstanding and future conflicts. Also, ask for an NDA for data security and privacy purposes.  

Give definite timelines and milestones that you would want to achieve for the projects. And lastly, discuss and mutually establish communication protocols, procedures, and timelines for status updates, feedback, and issue resolution.   

These were some of the important parts/stages of hiring the right iOS app development agency process.  

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It is imperative for a business to carefully move through the stages of hiring a suitable the iOS app development agency/ team or developers. The first stage involves identifying and defining the project requirements and details by the business.   

The second stage requires a business to undertake in-depth research for the iOS app development team on various networking platforms, evaluating their industry experience, proficiency, and image.   

The third step or stage involves a business interviewing the shortlisted service providers. This is done to evaluate the synergies and see the right match.   

The last and fourth step is to clearly define the terms of collaboration, including the scope of the project, the payment terms, project timelines, and communication arrangements.   

During the whole process of looking for, hiring an iOS app developer team and collaborating with them on the project, proper communication should be ensured. It decides the future of the product to a large extent.   

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Q1. Why do you need a dedicated development team?  

A dedicated development team is an engagement model that involves a collaboration between a business or a client and the outsourced team of software experts/professionals on a project or a long-term basis.  

A dedicated development team helps a business to achieve its business goals with cost-efficiency and economies of scale (if any), while focusing on key objectives. The business does not need to worry about the hiring and retaining, administrative, social benefits, and tax-specific concerns of a dedicated team. 

Q2. Where can I find iOS developers?  

A business can find skilled iOS developers through iOS app development companies/agencies, or networking sites.

A business could also check out platforms like Medium, Quora, Slack channels, GitHub, Stock Overflow, Digital Ocean, Reddit, etc. for a pool of talent. It could also host developer meetups, engage on social media channels, hire through referrals, host a virtual job fair, etc. 

Q3. How do I find the best developer?  

Q4. How much time and money does it take to build an app?  

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