About the customer

Our customer here is one of the leading companies in the prop tech industry. They use technology to transform the way house owners and renovators connect and allow the former to manage houses.


AR VR case study




iOS (Swift RX), Android (Kotlin), iOS/Android

Project Duration


Project Details

The client was looking for a solution that would allow homeowners and renovators to connect on a single platform and give the former an idea of how the space would look post-renovation and get a quote for the same. 


  • The client used to be physically present at the venues where the meet-up between renovators and the house owners was arranged, to allow the latter to avail of renovation services for their house.  
  • Due to the manual part, the client was facing issues with uniform pricing. House owners were changing their minds about renovations and increasingly turning down offers of renovators visiting their property. The percentage of such turndowns was around 40 percent.
  • This led to revenue losses as site visits for a renovator cost between $200-$300 on average. 
  • Not only this, sometimes house owners were just looking to get a quote, which was being derived at the expense of the business and renovator’s cost and time. 
  • Also, the discovery of renovators was a bit of a hassle for the house owners. Renovator credentials were missing and work done wasn’t being recorded online.
  • A major challenge was with the cost of renovation i.e. deriving a way to calculate the costs was tough. 
  • The client wanted a provision for the end consumer, a platform where they can view how a property would look post the renovation work. 

Our Approach

  • A functional iOS and Android app was developed which enabled the homeowner to discover the renovators and get the quote, all on the same platform.
  • An AR/VR-enabled app was developed. This app allowed the house owners to capture the area that needs to be renovated. Post-capturing, the app was used to calculate the area to be renovated and provided users with a cost estimation.
  • App captured the area using the height and the surface area. The client didn’t even need to mention the exact measurements, these parameters were all getting captured automatically by the app. 
  • Since the exact area to be covered was getting captured, costs were easily provided to the house owners within minutes.
  • Using the AR/VR component, the client was able to get an idea of how the property will look post-renovation. 
  • To provide a more detailed idea, renovators used the app to provide homeowners with an understanding of how exactly the property will look post-renovation. Renovators were able to log in and view the images captured by the owners and digitally renovate them using the app. House owners were able to view the property in real-time using the AR component.
  • The site loss hassle was eliminated as the house owners were able to get the quote from the comforts of their homes using the app. 


  • Due to the uniform pricing, the client was able to build a customer base of around 80K 
  • The drop-out rate for a renovation project decreased, it came down to just 10 % after a renovator visited a property.  
  • The revenue loss of $200-$300 was nullified as the leads for the renovation were now qualified. 
  • The client even started a subscription model which enabled users of all segments to view the post-renovation look of the spaces they want to get renovated and take an informed decision.  
  • The client even followed a model to hire a renovator online. Under this model, a renovator would provide a complete floor plan to you addressing the needs of a homeowner and providing them with an idea of how the renovated space would look like.
  • The client enjoyed a 50% increase in revenue.