About the Customer

Square Yards provides an integrated platform for real estate agents, developers, and financial institutions. As its tagline suggests, “real estate made real easy,” the company offers a smooth experience to customers, helping them find their dream homes with ease. Established in 2014, Square Yards offers solutions ranging from property search and loan advisory to transaction support and dedicated relationship managers. The company has a strong presence in over 9 countries and 100 cities.

Project Details

Square Yards is one of the fastest-growing property tech platforms, offering an integrated consumer experience that covers the entire real estate journey, from search and discovery to transactions, home loans, rentals, property management, and post-sales service.

Square Yards




Design, Development & Launch


  • Real estate brokers were primarily buying and selling properties offline.
  • The client wanted to create an online platform to enhance this experience.
  • The goal was to provide an integrated consumer experience that covers the entire real estate journey, including detailed information on home loans and rentals.
  • For distant clients, purchasing properties was time-consuming and challenging.
  • The client aimed to create an online-to-offline (O2O) platform to address these issues.
  • Additionally, buyers and sellers were not receiving property recommendations based on their interests, brokers couldn’t share pictures or videos, and client transactions on digital properties were minimal.

Our Approach

  • Developed a social feed where brokers are recommended based on their interests.
  • Created a backend system allowing brokers to post pictures, videos, and list properties.
  • Integrated gamification and social features on the Square Yards platform, enabling users to interact internally and externally.
  • Developed an AI-based recommendation engine that suggests properties based on user interests, activity, city, and mutual friends’ interactions.


  • The mobile app introduced a unique innovation in real estate research and analytics.
  • Buyers and sellers can easily connect through the platform.
  • Social features such as recommended feeds, comments, shares, likes, and messaging increased broker engagement on digital platforms.
  • Real estate brokers began posting their inventory with pictures and videos, leveraging the digital footprint.
  • Buyers and sellers receive property recommendations based on their interests.

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