About the customer

  • Square yards provide an integrated platform for real estate agents, developers, and financial institutions.    
  • As its tagline suggests, “real estate made real easy,” which means it provides a smooth experience to its customers that can help them find their dream homes with an ease  
  • The company was established in 2014 to provide solutions to customers ranging from property search, loan advisory, and conducting transaction support to providing a dedicated relationship manager.    
  • Not only this, the company also has a strong presence in 9+ countries and 100+ cities.  
Square Yards




J2EE, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Mockito, JMeter, MemCache, JPA, social networking and feeds

Project Duration


Project Details

  • It is one of the fastest-growing property technical platforms which offers an integrated consumer experience & covers the full real-estate journey from search & discovery, transactions, home loans, rentals, property management & post-sales service.


  • Since real estate brokers were buying and selling properties offline, hence, the client wanted to create an online platform for such an experience. 
  • Client wanted to have an integrated consumer experience that covers the full real-estate journey from search to discovery of the properties along with detailed knowledge of home loans, rentals etc.  
  • For distant clients, it was quite impossible to purchase a property which is quite far off. In fact, it was very time-consuming as well. Client wanted to create an online to offline (O2O) platform to solve this issue.  
  • Buyers/Sellers were not getting recommended properties based on their interests.  
  • Brokers were not able to share pictures, videos or even list their properties.  
  • Client wanted to create a platform where buyers & sellers can basically interact internally & externally.  
  • Clients had very little transactions on their digital properties from brokers and agents 

Our Approach

  • Developed a social feed where brokers are recommended based on their interest.  
  • Developed a backend through which brokers can post pictures, videos & list the properties. 
  • On the Square Yard platform, with the help of gamification & social features, users were able to interact with buyers internally & externally.  
  • Developed an AI based recommendation engine that could recommend properties based on your interest, activity, city and mutual friends’ interactions/activities.


  • The mobile app brought a very unique innovation in the world of real estate research & analytics.  
  • Through this platform buyers & sellers can easily connect with each other.  
  • Social aspects like recommended feeds, comment, share, like, messaging and many other features were introduced and hence more and more brokers started engaging on digital platforms. 
  • Real Estate Brokers started posting their inventory along with pictures and videos to take advantage of the digital footprint.  
  • Buyers/Sellers get property recommendations based on their interests.