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AI chatbot companyWe have 10+ years of experience in providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot services and developing AI powered chatbots that act as a bridge between you and your customers for channels such as Web, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook and many more. We help businesses skyrocket their revenue by 10x by developing a bot that can handle thousands of transactions at a time. Our extremely intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions can be deployed to a wide range of industries, such as e-commerce, financial services, hospitality, entertainment, education, airline services, and FMC, among others.  

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    Our Chatbot Development Services

    Why Choose AI Chatbot Development Services From BigOhTech?

    cost effective solution

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Our AI chatbot services help you to grow your business exponentially that too with an affordable investment. We provide AI chatbot solutions for businesses to maximize their customer engagement. Our solutions further save your dollars by eliminating the need to hire customer support representatives.

    Dedicated AI Chatbot Developers

    As an AI chatbot development firm we have dedicated NLP/NLU chatbot developers who are proficient in building AI chatbots that allow businesses to do seamless interactions with their customers.
    multi lingual support

    Multi-Lingual Support

    Our AI enabled chatbot gives a competitive edge to businesses by allowing them to enhance their customer experience. Due to its multi lingual support, our chatbot can do interaction with their customers in 200+ languages. This allows businesses to connect with customers who do not speak the same language.

    24*7 Chatbot Support and Maintenance

    We would not leave you even after deploying chatbot. We know chatbot works for your business 24*7. Therefore, as an AI chatbot development company, we ensure constant support and maintenance of chatbots to make chatbots bug free.
    Natural Language Understanding

    Natural Language Understanding

    Choose AI Chatbot Development Services from BigOhTech for state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding. Our talented developers guarantee smooth communication by providing enterprise-grade services and their knowledge of creating unique chatbots. Employ us to fully utilize chatbot technology for your unique requirements.
    Business Process Automation

    Business Process Automation

    Our skilled developers provide excellent enterprise chatbot development services by designing unique solutions. Hire our committed team of chatbot developers to increase productivity and simplify operations. Use our customized, integrated chatbot solutions to grow your company.

    Enterprise Chatbot Development Solutions

    BigOh, being an expert chatbot development company helps businesses to do nonstop communication with their customers. Experience automated and spontaneous conversations in real-time with our outstanding Chatbot Development services. Develop a novel chatbot by combining natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Our Chatbot Development Company assists in developing a highly intelligent, interactive bot that works on all platforms. We have a dedicated team of expert chatbot developers who build virtual chatbots for businesses that makes their customer journey efficient. 

    Process of Our Custom AI Chatbot Services

    Ai Chatbot Process

    Understanding Business Requirements

    We begin by discussing and defining business goals and requirements from the AI chatbot in order to deliver the desired results.

    Data Training and AI Model Formation

    The next step involved in AI Chatbot development is using a NLU platform to train the data and form AI models.
    BOT programming

    BOT Programming

    After data training, AI model is consumed and we start with the coding or programming of the AI Chatbot.

    Chatbot Deployment

    Once we are done with BOT programming, we run internal testing and ensure to host the AI Chatbot smoothly after all the quality checks.

    Maintenance and Support

    After successfully hosting the Chatbot, we provide our clients with around-the-clock maintenance and support services.

    Build NLU based Chatbot using our AI Chatbot services

    Build NLU Based Chatbot Using Our AI Chatbot Services

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    Min 80 hours per Month 

    Min 2 months contract

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    Technologies We Use in AI Chatbot Services

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies


    ĬBM Watson

    IBM Watson





    WhatsApp API

    Whatapp API



    Whatsapp chatapp

    Whatsapp chatbot

    Web bot

    Web bot

    AI Bot

    AI Bot







    Es6 and Es7

    Es6 and Es7

    Spring boot

    Spring boot

    Next js

    Next js



    AI Chatbot Services FAQs

    Can you help me in explaining the end to end process for implementing a chatbot?

    Here is a brief introduction to how does a chatbot works

    • Firstly, we need to design the conversational flow of a Chatbot. This includes how well a user is going to interact with a Chatbot, what are the potential questions, and the possible answers it needs to provide. 
    • Chatbots should come with the ability to understand and respond to users’ input. Therefore, the requirement is to write the code in a manner to apply this logic. 
    • Chatbots should be trained post this using ML algorithms. They should be fed with the sample data to ensure the chatbot gets trained and provide more apt results.
    • Fall back mechanism should be defined. In case, the chatbot can’t handle the query, the same should be redirected to the human operator. 
    • Chatbot should be deployed on the needed channel, either on an app or any other platform which so ever is needed
    • The testing phase should begin, Chatbot should be kept on training with the amount of data it’s being exposed to as well. 
    Can you provide a detailed project timeline and budget for the AI Chatbot?

    Yes, please schedule a scoping session with us.

    Once, the requirements are clearly written down, it won’t take more than 24 hrs for us to provide the same.

    What are the different channels on which I can publish AI Chatbot?

    Here are the various platforms in which chatbots can be integrated: 

    • Website, to handle visitors' queries
    • Application, one can use the Chatbot as a standalone app offering or can bind the Chatbot into an existing application
    • Customer care service, Chatbot is widely used in this vertical.
    • Travel Websites, Booking management systems, Tracking websites
    • Messaging platforms such as Slack, teams, and WhatsApp
    • Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    What are the requirements for integrating an AI chatbot into my business?

    In order to integrate a Chatbot into your business, One basically needs to have an app/web space where the Chatbot can be integrated. Along with this, one needs to have social channels where the bot and the data pool need to be integrated in order to train the bot as per your needs. There are various advantages to using chatbots & Chatbot Is Beneficial For Both Business As Well For Customers & businesses can leverage them to boost the client’s experience.

    How much does creating a chatbot cost and how long does it take?

    A chatbot's development time and cost can vary significantly based on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the bot, the features you wish to include, the platforms it will be used on, and the team's level of experience.

    The following variables may have an impact on the time and cost:

    • Your chatbot will need more time and resources the more features and skills it has.
    •  The development time and expense of the chatbot may grow if it needs to integrate with databases or other systems.
    • It could take more work to develop for several platforms (web, mobile, messaging apps).
    • The chatbot must receive regular maintenance and upgrades in order to remain functional and current.
    • The expertise of the development team and the technologies used can influence the cost. Highly skilled developers may command higher rates.
    What support and maintenance services are available for AI chatbots?

    We offer a range of support and maintenance services for AI Chatbots. These services include Application maintenance and support services, Managed security, Application modernization services, etc. 

    Please visit for more information. 

    what are the benefits of integrating AI Chatbot for websites and mobile apps?

    There are many advantages that chatbots offer to both businesses and consumers. Discover how advancing technology driven by AI can revolutionize the way you serve customers.

    • Informing Decision-Making
    • Enhancing Internal Communication
    • Driving Sales and Leads
    • Personalized User Experiences
    • 24/7 Rapid Support
    • Workflow Automation