Top Rated Application Maintenance And Support Services

Our application maintenance services minimize risk, ensure reduced costs and improve ROI by not letting maintenance costs eat into the development budget. 

  • Fixing errors, and identify flaws in your application
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Better interface with other systems
  • Maintaining control over the daily functions of your systems
  • Improving existing functionalities of your system
  • Preventing the sluggish performance of your system

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    App Maintenance Services

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    We Provide Best-In-Class Application Maintenance And Support Services

    Our application maintenance services minimize risk, ensure reduced costs and improve ROI by not letting maintenance costs eat into the development budget. 

    BigOh aimed to ensure that our application support and maintenance services are highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs. Moreover, we adopt an advanced approach inclusive of on-call production support, proactive maintenance, enhancements, bug-fixing, user support & training. Meanwhile, we deploy qualified experts who apply their skills to stabilize your applications, optimize provided service, and application improvement. 

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our Application Maintenance Service?

    Strong Talent Pool

    Our Strong Talent Pool

    We have a highly qualified application maintenance & support team with deep domain knowledge that provides heavy automation.

    Planned Evaluation

    Nobody wants to regret it later, therefore, we provide consultation sessions to our clients along with evaluating their IT infrastructure.

    Value-Added Offerings

    Value-Added Offerings

    We provide added offerings for application & database support, application enhancements, source code version control, configuration & issues management. 



    We offer optimal resources at a significantly lower cost, making BigOh the best application maintenance & support partner for your businesses. 

    Time Zone Advantage

    Time Zone Advantage

    We synchronize our professional teams in your suitable time zone providing complete flexibility and working round the clock through a global delivery model. 

    Application Maintenance Process

    application maintenance process



    Our application maintenance process begins with establishing a comprehensive baseline, including an analysis of the application landscape, inventories, and a Knowledge Transfer (KT) plan. We adhere to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based model and implement a robust change management plan to ensure seamless operations and minimal disruptions.


    During the transition phase, we focus on building a comprehensive knowledge base, developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and implementing the necessary tools and frameworks. This ensures a smooth handover process and enables our team to efficiently manage and support your application post-transition.


    Our operational phase is characterized by strong governance practices, adherence to predefined service levels, and the implementation of a Base Plus Model. This approach ensures that your application is continuously monitored, maintained, and enhanced to meet evolving business needs and performance expectations.


    We focus on proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they occur, and conduct root-cause analysis to identify and fix underlying issues. This continuous improvement approach ensures that your application remains stable, efficient, and aligned with your business objectives.


    At BigOhTech, we aim to deliver more value for less by optimizing outcomes. Through innovative strategies and continuous improvement, we help you achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and business impact, ensuring that your application evolves to meet the changing needs of your organization.


    We emphasize effective change management to ensure a smooth transition or continuation of services. This includes the process of reverse transfer, where we transfer knowledge and responsibilities back to your team if needed. We also provide a defined roadmap and focus areas to guide future maintenance and support activities.

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    Technologies We Use for App Maintenance

    • Tools
    • Platforms
    • Programming languages
    • Technologies
    • Database
    Android Studio

    Android Studio

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Fit SDK

    Google Assistant SDK

    Google Assistance SDK

    Open GL


    Android Auto

    Android Auto

    AR Core


    Android Foldable Development

    Android Fordable

    Android Phones

    Android Phones

    Android Desktop App Development

    Android Desktop

    Android Wear

    Android Wear OS

    Android Tablet

    Android Tablet

    Kotlin App Development


    Java Development






    Android SDK

    Android SDK

    Android Native Kit

    Android Native Dev Kit (NDK)





    Jetpack Compose

    Jetpack Compose - Android Compose UI






    What does your application maintenance service include?

    Our application maintenance service includes the following :

    • Monitoring and Logging: Firstly, we provide support for the monitoring of the servers. This includes monitoring all the applications that are hosted on those particular servers. Meanwhile, Logging activities help you to view and maintain the logs of the application which consists of all the error and the success logs. This helps the developer to debug and find out the ongoing flaws that are there in the application.
    • Patching activities: Secondly, perform patching activities on the database and server, ensure all the necessary ad latest security patches are being installed.
    • System upgrades: Perform regular updates related to OS and migration to the latest DB and software versions.
    • Disaster recovery: Servers are provisioned with a disaster recovery mechanism, This ensures that the system recovers and restarts from a failure state as well with all the data being in place and ensuring 0 data loss.
    • Regular Backups: Lastly, Ensure regular backups are taking place for the database ensuring the data remains intact.
    How do you ensure that the updates and maintenance performed do not disrupt the functionality of the application?

    We do perform the following activities to not disrupt any existing functionalities :

    • Automated Test Scripts: We do have automated test scripts support. These scripts are executed periodically to view the functional health of the product. In addition, These scripts are executed before any release or changes.
    • Multiple Environment: We do provide multiple environments mainly Pre Prod, Staging, and Dev. All the functionalities, changes, and enhancements are first tested on these environments before deployment on the prod environment.
    • Green deployment: We do enable the green deployment, therefore there is no downtime as well whenever there is a new deployment on the server.
    Can you provide an estimate for the cost of your application maintenance service?

    The cost of managing the application can vary. Furthermore,  These applications depend on the type of configuration we want on the server and the applications that we are hosting. Please get in touch with us to know the exact cost…….

    How do you handle emergency maintenance and support needs?

    Since we provide support 24*7, In case there is an emergency then we provide the response as per the SLA defined and the probability of a P1 issue to occur is less than 2 percent as already the system is designed in a manner to ensure high availability.

    How do you approach security updates and protection against cyber threats?

    Here are the following activities that we can perform : 

    • Regular updates: Ensuring that all the system and software are up-to-date, and necessary security patches are being installed on the system.
    • Servers to be protected behind a VPN: All the sensitive data should be stored behind a VPN and only the authorized IPs should be given access to the same.
    • Strong Authentication: Finally, We usually ensure that 2-factor authentication and other authentication processes are in place to avoid unauthorized access.
    Do you provide min rollback of hours in maintenance service?

    Yes, we do provide rollback of hours for the maintenance service that we provide. But, These rollbacks of hours usually take place after every month.

    To clarify, Connect to know more.