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BigOhTech specializes in product discovery and design sprints – helping businesses like yours bring innovative ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

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    5-Days Process Of Product Discovery & Design Sprints

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    Turn Ideas into Action: Fast & Focused Product Development with BigOhTech

    We have a dedicated team of product experts with 10+ years of experience in product discovery and design sprints. Meanwhile, Our product experts provide the perfect roadmap for all your product discovery and development needs.

    In addition, We design and test product ideas by saving your hours and ensuring smoothness in the development of products. In fact, We provide businesses with the right tools and technologies to convert your product idea into a fully functional product.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our Product Discovery & Design Sprints Service?


    Dedicated Product Experts

    We have a dedicated team of product experts who believe in bringing your product ideas on table. Moreover, Our product designers are proficient in developing an innovative product for businesses that could increase the ROI of businesses by 97%.

    Focus on User-centric Design

    User Centric Approach

    At BigOh, our approach starts with understanding customer needs first. We do not believe in creating a need after developing product. So, Our product designers develop a product taking into consideration the problems of our target audience.

    Support & Maintenance

    24*7 Continuous Support

    We would not leave you till the last stage. Meanwhile, Our expert product team work round the clock to provide a continuous support in developing a product that could turn businesses into profitable venture.

    Product Discovery & Design Sprints Methodology




    At BigOh , we always focus on developing products from the viewpoint of customers. Furthermore, Our focus is to develop a fully functional product that serves customer needs and requirements. Therefore, our dedicated product experts follow a customer centric approach.


    We put more emphasis on originality. We have a team of 200+ product experts who think differently and have a different approach to solve the particular problem. In addition, Our USP lies in think differently approach by setting yourself stand out from the crowd.


    We do not believe in making random guesses to produce an output. Usually, Our approach at BigOh focuses on doing experimentation to achieve business goals.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Develop An Innovative Product For Businesses That Increases Your Productivity By 79%

    We use design sprint technique to ensure successful development of products. At BigOh , we help businesses to develop right products that solves the users’ problems.

    Product Discovery & Design Sprints FAQs

    What is the high level process of the Ideation phase and what is the outcome of the same?

    Our BAs, SME partners, and solution architects understand the core and all netiquette of your business during the ideation phase. After this, we perform a market study consisting of user interviews and take their reviews into account as well. Then, our UI/UX team uses the requirements gathered in the first phase to prepare a wireframe, which sets out the basis for the designs that are further created. 

    The outcome of this process is requirements in the form of User Stories and Mockups in the form of figma designs

    How long is usually the activity for the ideation phase?

    The usual time to complete the ideation and discovery phase is of a month.

    How will you ensure that our business objectives and target audience are met during the ideation and design sprint?

    We do conduct surveys with the Primary Users of the applications and for covering the business objectives our product discovery phase are conducted along with the inputs of the actual business stakeholders as well.

    How will you handle stakeholder comments and input during the sprint?

    Usually, we do take a sign-off from the stakeholders on the functional tasks that go into the sprint, but we do understand the possibility of revisions. Moreover, We always leave 10-15% room for changes; if it can't be done in the same sprint, we plan it for the next one.

    How long do you take to share product development estimates once design and discovery is over?

    Our turnaround time for sharing the estimates is less than 24 Hrs once the design and discovery phase is over.