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Social media design servicesBig Oh offers a custom social media design services that enables your brand to make a social presence across various major social media platforms. It helps your firm to establish a strong presence for your brand. Expanding your online reach and engaging your customers is important nowadays to earn you a sincere group of followers interested in your products or services using visual branding.  Here, our social media designing service comes in to enhance your business goals and reach. 

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    Advantages of Social Media Design Service

    Result-driven social media design services

    Twitter Background

    Twitter Background & Header Design

    To enhance your business value, products & services we create attractive and relevant Twitter graphic to keep your target audience engaged.

    Facebook Profile

    Facebook Profile & Header Design

    Engaging your audience with Facebook posts regularly is important. Our expert designers will help your audience to understand your business through creative designs.

    Creatives for Social Media

    Creatives for Social Media

    To develop a strong visual bond between brand & audience, leverage our strong social media post design services to publish engaging & responsive graphics.

    Landing Page Design

    Landing Page Design

    Our professional designers will always be familiar with their target audience. At Big Oh, we design user-centered landing page with your customers in mind.

    Infographics Design

    Infographics Design

    Our experts create infographics with proper color & proportion which will stick with the memories of the customers.

    marketing designs

    Other Marketing Related Designs

    Apart from the design services, we do ads graphics, HTML ads to gain customer attention, blogs, forums to drive new audience to your website.

    Why choose social media design services ?

    Market research

    Market research

    We first understand our client's expectations and ensure to meet their objectives using proper market research to serve your brand/audience better.


    We're loyal and maintain transparency throughout the process with continuous communication and updates
    Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Graphic Design Pricing

    Unlike other design agencies, we’re not charging fees that will drain your marketing budget. We assure you that the fees we charge are reasonable. 
    Social Media Design Specialists

    Dedicated Social Media Design Specialists

    Our in-house team is made up of experienced experts when it comes to design. This expertise allows us to focus on what each client needs. 
    Digital Marketing Offerings

    Full Digital Marketing Offerings

    Do you want the images we create for you to have the maximum effect? We can handle everything that’s connected to digital marketing & we are highly experienced in the field.

    2X Your Brand Reach With BigOhTech's Social Media Design Services

    Grow your business and expand your online presence with our social media design services  

    Process Involved in Social Media Design Services

    social media design process

    business objectives

    Understand Business Objective

    The process begins with understanding the business goals. Social media design services align with business objectives to give optimal results.
    gtm strategy

    Plan GTM Strategy

    After gaining a basic understanding of the business objectives, a go-to-market (GTM) strategy is prepared. Engagement strategies with customers are planned in this step.

    Finalizing 2-week Calendar

    A 2-week calendar is planned and finalized in this step so that the team is clear about the whole process and daily tasks and works in sync.
    daily tasks

    Execute Daily Tasks

    This step of the process involves executing daily tasks as per the finalized calendar. This step ensures that all induvial in the team are completing the delegated task.

    Optimize and gauge performance Metrics

    The main aim of this process is to optimize and ascertain performance in order to achieve the business goal studied in the beginning. This is the most crucial step as it highlights the effectiveness of the whole process.

    Iterate and Improve

    Last but not the least, the whole process is iterated in order to identify the points of improvement and to gain the desired results.

    Technologies we use in social media design services

    • Tools
    Adobe Flash

    Adobe Flash

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop

















    Corel Draw

    Corel Draw

    Client Success Stories

    Take a look at Our Achievements


    HCL Concerts is considered as India’s biggest & longest running live Indian music platform….

    HCL Music

    • Grillhouse wanted BigOhtech to enhance their app with multiple inventories….


    What does social media design services include?

    Social media design includes: 

    • Social media posts and Templates: We design templates and graphics for social media posts.
    • Infographics: These are the visual representation of data or information that needs to be shared on social media.
    • Animated graphics and Videos: This includes creating animated graphics and videos to capture the audience attention and engage them in a unique way.
    • Ads campaigns: This includes designing of ads campaign as well, where the ads that needs to run on the social channel for different campaigns such as Lead Gen, Product branding.
    How do you approach creating design for different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

    The approach for creating the design lies in identifying the targeted audience. Here are the following steps that needs to be followed: 

    Understand the platform: Each social platform has it’s own unique audience and features. Identify the type of content that performs well on it and the design requirement of each of the platform. 

    Consistent brand guideline: Use your brand guidelines across all the platforms, try to follow the common guidelines across these platforms. 

    Keep it simple yet engaging: Try to keep it simple and engaging at the same time, Try to create curiosity among the consumer and leverage that for increasing the post reach.

    Test and Change: Test how your campaigns are performing and then take decision based on the certain key metrics.

    Can you help with developing a consistent visual brand across multiple social media platforms?

    Yes, we do help businesses to develop a consistent visual branding across multiple social channels.

    How do you incorporate audience research and insights into your social media design?

    All the key metrics and facts are gathered and transformed into innovative posts, which is not only insightful for the consumer but also eye catchy at the same time.

    Can you help with creating eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations for social media?

    Yes, we have been helping the agencies with the same, We have partnered with different govt. Agency and helped them to increase their social outreach.

    Can you help with developing and executing a social media content strategy?

    Yes, we can help in the same. We have emerged as a trusted partner of not only enterprises but also government to enhance the social engagement.