Mobile app development company in Noida

BigOhTech is the leading mobile app development company in Noida which strives to develop secure, scalable, and stable software products using the latest technologies and tools.   

Moreover, it enjoys its pride in creating a difference between service and professionalism. As an app development agency in Noida, BigOhTech believes technology significantly turns businesses into profitable ventures.   

BigOhTech was incorporated in April 2020, started with just 5 members, and scaled to 130 team members within one year.  

Get Proven Solutions from Certified Mobile App Developers In Noida

Our expert mobile app developers deliver innovative solutions, boosting businesses’ ROI by 93%. 

With our exceptional capabilities, we are known for creating feature-rich and scalable Android and IOS mobile apps to meet the needs of our customers.   

We are not restricted to mobile app development services in Noida. Additionally, We aim to deliver other innovative solutions to Enterprises and unicorn brands, including web development services, UI/UX design review, emerging technologies, enterprise app development, performance engineering, and innovation labs.  

Meanwhile, With a world-class team of 250+ experienced app developers, we have delivered over 1000 advanced mobile apps for seamless performance on iOS and Android.

Mobile App Development Company in Noida

Mobile App Development Company in Noida

Our mission focuses on accelerating the client’s business with our innovative and impactful technology solutions.

In addition, We developed 100 + digital products in August 2022 and have satisfied 2000+ customers with our rich portfolio of apps. Besides that, We worked with various startups by crafting customized mobile applications that could take their business to the next level.

At the same time, we helped a brand called Airtel Xstream by developing a customized and reliable application with a secure payment gateway. The company got remarkable results and hit 20 million paid subscribers.   

So, Are you interested in exploring our portfolio? Meanwhile, Head over to the portfolio section to see what results we brought for our clients. Don’t trust our words; just go and see it yourself.   

If you need such results for your business, fill contact us form and our experts will contact you soon.

Mobile App Development Services  

So, Leverage our mobile app development services to maximize your business value.   

1. Native App Development   

As a mobile app development company in Noida, we have a dedicated team of 250+ app developers who have expertise in building robust, secured, and user-friendly native applications for IOS, Android, and wearables helping businesses to increase their conversion rates.   

2. Hybrid And Cross-Platform App Development   

Our dedicated app developers develop advanced hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps for enterprises that run seamlessly on multiple platforms and are compatible with various operating systems.  

Moreover, we focus on designing apps with extensive features that improve users’ experience.   

3. IOS Application Development   

As an IOS application development company in Noida, our competent IOS developers build data-secure and scalable IOS applications using the latest technologies and tech stack, including Swift, and using powerful tools such as Xcode that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

4. Flutter App Development   

We at BigOhTech aim to deliver fully functional apps that are being developed using a single codebase and operate on IOS and Android.   

In fact, We dig deeper to understand your business requirements and determine whether choosing Flutter is a profitable option for your business or not.   

5. Android App Development   

As a mobile app development agency, we have a dedicated team of Android app developers who are proficient in developing customized and responsive Android applications per your business requirements that could increase the ROI of businesses by 2X. 

Why Choose BigOhTech?  

More importantly, 4 groundbreaking reasons for you to trust BigOhTech specifically over others–   

  • Having a qualified team of 250+ app developers   
  • Indeed, We keep our customers and their requirements first.   
  • Having an experience of more than 11 years of developing apps that makes customers love us, not others.   
  • Lastly, We use modern technologies and tools to build customized apps for businesses that make them stand out.


How to find the right app development company in Noida?

In a nutshell, There are 4 tips to help you find the perfect mobile app developer for your business -  

  • Firstly, Research mobile app development companies that have experience in developing similar kinds of apps. 
  • Secondly, Evaluate their portfolio and check what projects they worked on in the past.
  • Thirdly, Don't just collaborate with the mobile app development company based on pricing.
  • Finally, Consider various things like the appearance of an app, the usability of the app, and what customizations you need to have in the app.

What platform does BigOhTech use to develop apps?

To put it briefly, BigOhTech uses various platforms to develop high-quality applications, including Android phones, android tablets, android desktops, Android foldable, Mac OS, watch OS, and I-pad.

What is the cost for an App Development company in Noida?

For instance - If you need a basic app having basic features, developing a mobile app costs around Rs 25,000 – Rs 50,000. But, For complex apps with advanced functionalities, then costs start in the range of RS 1,00,000.    

Furthermore, The cost of an app depends on various factors such as-

  • Features and functionalities
  • Duration
  • Complexity
  • Business model
  • UI/UX design
  • App security
  • App maintenance
  • Category of an app 

Ultimately, The cost of developing advanced features of an app costs higher than the cost of developing basic functionalities. 

What are the different models for App Development in Noida?

Ultimately, There are 4 models for app development -   

Fixed Cost: The fixed cost engagement model means that the client's requirements and the sum of money are predefined in advance. Moreover, The requirements of customers are already known to the app development team before developers start working on the project.  

The client does not need to pay extra pennies to get the work. However, the client must pay extra dollars if new functionality is required.   

Turnkey – Turnkey engagement model means the client hires the developers at a fixed cost. Additionally, The company develops and designs the product, and then hands it over to the client when the software becomes ready.   

Time and Money: Here, the client pays for the time and resources spent on the project. So, The project does not involve a fixed cost.

Staff Aug – The staff augmentation engagement model is when a third party outsources its employees, and the client does not need to train the IT personnel.  Furthermore, organizations use a staff augmentation model to complete their development projects if they are running out of time, lack the bandwidth to complete the project, or, looking to expand their IT team.