BigOhTech, is one of the most sought-after software development companies in Noida. Started in 2021, BigOhTech is adept at IT consulting, software development, and modernization, staff augmentation, and emerging technologies, among other services.   

Keeping professionalism, results, and growth in mind, we have emerged as one of the fastest-growing startups in India. Additionally, we have successfully completed 1500+ projects as a software development company in Noida. As an enterprise software solutions provider, we aim to innovate every day. We also help our clients achieve their digital goals effectively.

With extensive industry experience and vast domain knowledge, BigOhTech has helped a large number of businesses streamline their operations and enhance their brand visibility and engagement by 5X. With our strong work ethics, hard work, and dedication, we achieve milestone deliveries. 

We offer reliable and scalable custom software development in Noida and across India. The custom software solutions are compatible with emerging technologies, and across multiple devices and platforms.   

Furthermore, with an agile and highly skilled workforce of 125+ designers, developers, and IT experts, we offer businesses staff augmentation services. That’s not all, we offer services like code audit and review, cloud architecture optimization, DevOps support, etc.   

Let’s have a closer look at some of the software development services that BigOhTech offers for your understanding: 

Customer Software Development in Noida

Being the best custom software development company in Noida, BigOhTech has delivered many projects around custom software development. These included both mobile app development as well as web app development.   

Our solutions are innovative, user-friendly, and high functioning. We create iOS and Android mobile applications and responsive and progressive web applications.   

The custom software is scalable, cost-effective and efficient and compatible with modern technologies. 

Software Consultant in Noida  

BigOhTech, assists clients with the most suitable, relevant, and reliable software and IT consulting services.   

We analyze the nature of businesses and acknowledge the uniqueness of each business’s needs. We take in clients’ ideas and analyze how that can be through a product. Thereafter, we offer our expert guidance keeping in mind all client requirements and wishes and facilitate a business’s digital transformation.   

We are proficient at software consulting and engineering along with design and maintenance. 

Custom Software Developers in Noida  

With a dedicated development team sourced from BigOhTech, the best custom development company, businesses realize their digital dreams with finesse.   

Through our staff augmentation services for software development, our custom software developers create synergies with clients to develop software that is highly sophisticated and efficient

Enterprise Software Development Solutions in Noida  

With Big Oh, the topmost enterprise software development solution in Noida, businesses can explore multiple growth opportunities using technology. We assist enterprises to build solutions that are practical, reliable, and scalable.   

We offer services such as custom enterprise software development, enterprise mobility development, software integration, and legacy app modernization services, among other offerings.   

Furthermore, BigOhTech is adept at the integration of emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, AI Chatbots, etc.

Full Cycle Product Development Company in Noida   

As the best custom software development company in India, BigOhTech offers top-notch full-cycle product development services. 

Big Oh assists companies at each stage of product development. From ideation and testing a product with MVP to finding the best product-market fit & scaling, BigOhTech supports a business throughout a product development cycle.

Why Choose BigOhTech?  

  • Dedicated team with 100 + fluid and skilled developers 
  • Agile methodology that facilitates 100% collaboration and easy management 
  • Timely deliveries to ensure faster time to market 
  • Latest technologies and methods that make the software 10x more engaging and user-friendly 
  • Maintenance and support to keep your software up and running all the time 

There are many more reasons why you should collaborate with BigOhTech.   

We have delivered many projects with some top clients and transformed their businesses. See for yourself by visiting our portfolio page today!  

With our digital solutions and innovations, we aim to create an impact, while being completely transparent with our clients. We take pride in being the best tech company in Noida and shall continue to work tirelessly to maintain and grow our industry reputation and reach!  

Check out our website, go through our services, and get in touch today!  


Why do you need a software development company?
  • Software development companies help businesses to explore and optimize technology in order to increase operational efficiencies and reach a larger and more distant audience.   

    A business could target different requirements through software or application. Some businesses use applications to streamline their business operations and processes while others may use them to diversify services into distant markets or multiple platforms and expand the business, boosting revenue and engagement.   


How to find the right software development company?

The right software development company should have industry experience as well as domain proficiency. Additionally, the knowledge should not be limited to just technology, the company needs to have effective product strategies such as SPIN.   

Furthermore, it should be able to develop products capable of scaling as per your business needs, along with the provision of maintenance and support services. The right software development company should have the know-how of emerging technologies and their integration with the product.   

Look for reviews, feedback, and portfolio to further know the credentials of the company. Ask for referrals for an informed decision. For more clarity, read tips to find the right software development company to make the right choice.  

BigOhTech, the top software development company in Noida, possesses the required industry experience and exposure, domain expertise, the other above-mentioned quality, and much more. Visit our website and kick-start your transformation journey today! 

What are the questions to be asked of the software company?

The right and essential questions to ask a software development company are:  

  • Proposed business model  
  • Timelines of the project  
  • The flexibility to suggest or make changes  
  • Duration of maintenance and support services