Types of shopify app development

Apps played a significant role in changing the way businesses operated a few decades ago. As the number of merchants has been increasing daily, so has the e-commerce landscape has been evolving. If you are a merchant or million-dollar brand and want to scale your business, then no rocket science is involved. Shopify has everything that has you covered.   In this guide, we will look at nitty-gritty details about the types of Shopify app development available out there.

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What is Shopify?  

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that can be used by businesses worldwide to sell products on social media platforms or third-party marketplaces. According to Shopify, “Shopify is an online platform allowing store owners to set up and manage their online stores.  

It is a SAAS-based e-commerce platform allowing merchants and brick-and-mortar stores to expand their business presence on the global level ranging from inventory management, payment processing, shipping, marketing, and reporting, etc.   

It is trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs from 175 countries helping businesses manage and also grow their online stores.   

Shopify allows the store owners to sign up for 3-day free trial.   

Shopify allows store owners to do the following things –  

  • Set up and manage an online store without having coding knowledge   
  • Sell the products on multiple sales channels such as web, mobile, brick-and-mortar, etc.   
  • Shopify provides a point-of-sale system (POS), helping business owners to manage products, track inventory, etc.  
  • Store owners can analyze online marketing campaigns.   

Types of Shopify App Development Services at BigOhTech

There are several types of Shopify app development services provided by BigOhTech. Here are some of them:

1. Shopify App Development   

At Big oh tech, we have dedicated Shopify app developers who are proficient in developing enterprise Shopify apps that can keep your store running and, at the same time, keep your apps updated with ever-changing business requirements such as multi-store setup, inventory apps, etc.   

2. Shopify Middleware   

With 7+ years of experience in custom Shopify middleware and plugins, Big Oh tech aims to optimize API limits using state-of-the-art middleware in noide.js, helping enterprises save their hours and precious dollars, increasing performance and scalability.    

3. Shopify Migration Services   

We have a group of 20+ expert Shopify app developers, and experienced designers, with years of experience in migrating to your store from WooCommerce to Shopify and Shopify admin/storefront API to middleware restful API.  

4. Responsive Theme Customization   

At BigOhTech, our qualified Shopify app developers help businesses by creating Shopify themes and providing customization services such as changing the UI flow and integrating with additional modules per your business requirements.   

5. Shopify Integration and Customization   

Our experienced developers have years of experience in integrating custom Shopify plugins, adding payment gateways, shopping carts, and other 3 party applications to produce optimal results for your business. 

Why is Shopify Better Than Other Competitors? 

Shopify is Better than Big Commerce Because of the Following Reasons

Big Commerce vs Shopify
Big Commerce vs Shopify
  • Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform for those just starting their online stores or wanting to grow their multimillion-dollar businesses. Shopify has all the tools businesses need to grow and set up online stores.   
  • Shopify app store comprises more than 6000 apps, of which 3000 are free, allowing the store owners to customize their Shopify stores.   
  • The size of Shopify’s e-commerce system is much larger as compared to big commerce. Not only that, but Shopify has many integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Walmart, and Pinterest.   
  • Shopify is a code-no platform allowing store owners to set up and launch their online store without being proficient in coding skills.   
  • Shopify makes the loading speed of websites super-fast by compressing all the images.   

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Shopify is Better than WordPress Because of the Following Reasons

Shopify vs WordPress
Shopify vs WordPress
  • It is far better than WordPress, as Shopify is an e-commerce platform for business owners. At the same time, WordPress is the content management system preferred mostly by freelancers and developers.   
  • Shopify allows business owners to quickly set up and launch their online store so that the website gets ready to generate sales.   
  • Shopify provides simplified subscriptions to business owners enabling them to simplify their payment process by choosing from 5 plans. Whereas for WordPress, you must pay separately for hosting, domain name, and installing other plugins to create a website.   
  • Shopify provides an e-mail feature to the store owners wherein store owners can send 2500 e-mails to the customers for free.   
  • Shopify also has built-in SEO features that help store owners rank their stores on the first page of SERP. It also provides SEO functionalities where store owners can add titles and meta descriptions to optimize the store’s SEO.   

Shopify is Better than Wix Because of the Following Reasons

Shopify vs WIX
Shopify vs WIX
  • Shopify has a more significant number of apps to run an online store as compared to Wix. Shopify has more than 6000 apps, while Wix has only 250+ apps related to the e-commerce domain.  
  • It has integrations with various partners, allowing store owners to sell the products on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and Pinterest. While Wix allows business owners to sell their products on Instagram and Facebook only. 
  • Shopify does not restrict the number of pages you can create on the website, but Wix allows store owners to create up to 100 pages.   
  • It allows store owners to choose from a pool of 70 professional themes, which are fully customizable. Also, Shopify themes are built for online and brick-and-mortar stores, while Wix themes are mostly for bloggers and freelancers.   

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 Wrapping Up   

Now that you have a clear understanding of what Shopify is and why it surpasses its competitors and the types of Shopify app development services offered by BigOh. We provide these services at competitive prices, ensuring that you receive exceptional value in today’s highly competitive tech landscape.

 If you are struggling to create a Shopify app that can bring massive traffic to your online store and optimize the app from a search engine perspective, connect with our experts now.   

Hire our dedicated developers team to develop your Shopify app.  


Q1. Where can I find Shopify store development services?  

At Big oh tech, we provide Shopify app development services by creating an online store while providing a seamless shopping experience to your customers.   
We have dedicated Shopify app developers with years of experience in creating an online store that captures more traffic and increases revenue.

Q2. How long does it take to build a Shopify website?  

Building a Shopify website can take from 25-40 minutes. However, the time taken to develop a website depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the website, how much customization is required, and the developer’s expertise.

Q3.  How do I choose the right Shopify development service provider for my business?  

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing the Shopify app development company –  
1. A clear understanding of the project requirements   
2. Decide your budget and try to research companies that provide Shopify app development services.   
3. Examine the portfolio of Shopify app developers and ask them relevant questions on which projects they worked on and what results they brought for previous clients.   
4. While selecting Shopify app developers, observe whether the developers have good communication skills to interact with you throughout the project’s development.   
5. Check the company’s reputation and check out the reviews of the company on Google and other sites.     

Q4. Can Shopify development services help me optimize my store for SEO and increase traffic and sales?    

Yes, Shopify app developers can help you optimize your store for SEO. According to Shopify, Shopify stores have built-in SEO features helping businesses to optimize their online store.   
Here comes the need to hire Shopify SEO companies to help them stay competitive in the industry.

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