how to choose the best shopify app developer

Building a Shopify store is similar to hiring a new crew to build your house. Setting up a Shopify store is easy, but converting the website into a lead-generating machine is a different task. But it’s more than just a simple drag-and-drop feature. However, to deal with the technical side of things, you need to hire Shopify app developers/companies that can take your burden off.   

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Challenges in Hiring Shopify App Developers

Here are the 3 challenges in hiring Shopify App Developers-

1. Finding an Experienced Shopify App Developer   

Find Experienced Shopify App Developer
Find an Experienced Shopify App Developer

Firstly, Finding dedicated developers is quite easy in this connected world. However, if you are searching for experienced Shopify app developers, it becomes a cumbersome task.   

Organizations face challenges in hiring Shopify developers with proficiency in utilizing Shopify’s APIs to develop applications, given the constraints and limitations imposed by Shopify, such as throttling. Designing sophisticated middleware or plugins that meet specific business requirements can be an intimidating endeavor. Therefore, companies must seek out experienced Shopify developers who possess a deep understanding of the Shopify platform. 

For instance, organizations that rely on Shopify for their e-commerce needs must ensure that their hired Shopify developers have a thorough understanding of Shopify’s APIs and can create custom applications that meet their unique requirements. Thus, Without the right expertise, they may end up with an app that doesn’t work correctly and negatively impacts business. 

2. Cost Considerations   

Hiring developers for Shopify apps can be costly, especially for apps with intricate features or integrations. It’s crucial to pick developers who are well-versed with the Shopify platform.  

Typically, Shopify developers charge more than regular app developers because of their specialized skills. Furthermore, most Shopify app developers charge hourly, and if they lack the necessary skills, the organization may end up paying more. 

3. Time Zone Differences   

If the Shopify app developer is in a different country, scheduling meetings and communicating with them becomes difficult. While, If the developer works in a different time zone, he/she cannot participate in real-time meetings or discussions, impacting the project’s productivity.   

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How to Hire Shopify App Developers?  

Here are the 5 things you need to keep in your mind while hiring Shopify app developers –  

1. High Analytical Skills   

If you’re planning to hire a Shopify app developer, it’s important to look for someone with strong analytical skills and the ability to develop innovative solutions.   

Hence, Shopify developers need to possess excellent analytical skills to optimize the performance of websites and apps.   

If they want to make any changes to the theme, they should be able to use their analytical skills to do so effectively. Therefore, they must have the necessary debugging skills to provide high-quality solutions. 

2. Data Structure   

Shopify app development company must have experience integrating Shopify APIs into complex data structures. Developing a Shopify app requires developers to get familiar with complex data structures, especially if you want to add a multi-store feature that can impact multiple screens.   

3. Proficient in Technical Concepts and Possess Practical Knowledge   

Successful Shopify app developers must be acquainted with Shopify platform concepts.  In addition, A proficient Shopify developer should possess a robust comprehension of the Shopify platform. This includes expertise in utilizing Shopify’s APIs to create custom applications that can enhance your online store’s functionality and elevate your customers’ experience.  

Moreover, they must be well-versed in Liquid JS, Shopify’s templating language.  

This proficiency will empower them to produce templates that can effectively display content on your online store, leading to an improved design and user experience.  

Additionally, your developer should have prior experience in working with Shopify’s admin interface and should have a clear understanding of how to navigate the various settings and configurations available to optimize your Shopify store

Your developer should have a sound understanding of plugins and their purpose in enhancing your online store’s functionality.  

They should also have the ability to create customized plugins that cater to your specific business requirements while improving Shopify’s core features. 

Furthermore, your developer must be familiar with Shopify’s Admin App API to develop custom apps that access data and perform actions within the Shopify admin.

Lastly, it’s crucial to ensure that your developer can create a plugin that covers both functional and non-functional aspects. The plugin should not only provide the desired features and functionality but also meet other fundamental requirements such as performance, security, scalability, and usability. 

For Instance – When hiring a Shopify app developer, ensure that they have experience and knowledge of the Shopify platform, Liquid JS, Shopify admin, plugins, Shopify Admin App API, User API, and both functional and nonfunctional scope. By considering these factors, you can find the right developer who can create a custom app that meets your unique business needs. 

4. Industry Experience   

Shopify app developers should have years of industry experience in what e-commerce is, how an e-commerce platform works, basic features of an e-commerce app, advanced features of an e-commerce app, which plugins are open source and paid, how to integrate plugins in an e-commerce app, etc.   

5. Possess a Good Attitude and is Open To Challenges 

Another essential aspect to remember is that Shopify app developers must possess the right skill set and attitude because a person with a great skill set, but a bad attitude can never be a good resource for the organization.   

On the contrary, if the candidate possesses basic skills but has the right attitude, it is always a good option to choose.   

Additionally, if the candidate possesses capabilities and is open to challenges in work settings, it can contribute to the growth of an organization.   

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How BigOh Can Help?  

So, Leverage the expertise of BigOhtech’s Shopify app developers, who have expertise in website design and development services. We provide several types of Shopify App Development Services connect with our expert to get proper guidance.

We aim to deliver top-notch services to our clients by meeting their business needs and helping them to elevate their business presence. Furthermore, We have served 80+ Shopify app development clients and got them results – increased traffic and revenue.   

Wrapping Up   

Hiring Shopify app developers is not a cup of cake for everyone. However, hiring a Shopify app development agency depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, your estimated budget, and the developer’s expertise.   

If you still need help hiring a Shopify app development company, collaborate with our Shopify app developers, and let’s discuss your project requirements.      


Q1. How do I choose the Shopify expert?  

Before hiring a Shopify expert, here are the few things you need to keep in mind –  
1. High analytics skills   
2. Data structure   
3. Proficient in technical concepts and possess practical knowledge   
4. Industry experience   
5. Possesses a good attitude and is open to challenges   

Q2. How do I hire the best Shopify app development company?  

 Here are the few things that you need to keep in mind before hiring a Shopify app development company –  
1. Create a brief project requirement so the Shopify app development company knows more about your business goals and objectives.   
2. Think about your budget. How much can you invest in hiring a Shopify app development company?   
3. Create a checklist of Shopify app development companies. Research it, check out their profiles, and shortlist them based on your budget and project requirements.   
4. Make sure to check that developers should have the technical expertise and the know-how of how the Shopify platform works.   
5. Glance at their portfolio to see what clients the Shopify app development agency previously served.   
6. Check out a few reviews and testimonials to assess the quality of their work. Ask them for client references to determine whether they are worth it for your business.   

Q3. Should I hire a Shopify developer?  

Yes, here are a few reasons to hire the Shopify app developer –  
1. Shopify developers make your website stand out from the crowd. Even operating a brick-and-mortar store, you can diversify your business channel by selling on Shopify.  
2. They can make your site look unique and customize the site based on your requirements.   
3. Shopify app developers will take an entire technical burden from your side by ensuring your site looks unique and runs smoothly without any bugs. 
Additionally, store owners can focus on other important tasks such as handling customer payments, communicating with customers, and promoting the store.   
4. Experienced Shopify developers have the know-how of e-commerce, the Shopify platform, payment gateways, inventory management systems, etc. They know how to make your site unique to lure customers in.   

Q4. What is the average cost for a Shopify developer?  

The cost to hire a Shopify app developer varies depending on the project’s complexity and expertise level. The cost of hiring Shopify developers depends on various factors such as skillset, location, and the type of service the developer offers.   
For Instance – Shopify app developers in countries like the US and Canada start at $50 Per hour. However, the rate varies from country to country.

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