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Is your business held back by outdated applications?  Are legacy systems slowing you down, hindering innovation, and draining your IT resources? Partner with BigOhTech to modernize your legacy applications and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. Book a free consulting call now!

  • Enhance performance and efficiency
  • Stay competitive with modern, innovative applications
  • Reduce costs and improve ROI

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    Accelerate Your Business Potential With Our Application Modernization Services

    Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile, modern, and efficient with our application modernization service.

    Additionally, We help you re-imagine your legacy application landscape towards a modern platform with zero disruption in day-to-day operations. Subsequently, Our enthusiastic and experienced pool of strategists & developers re-engineer your applications & move them to newer, faster, cost-effective, and more secure technology platforms with minimal disruption to business processes.

    Industries We Serve

    Banking & Finance (Fintech)

    Real Estate


    Transportation & Logistics

    Retails & E-Commerce


    Marketing & Social Media


    Market Research


    Government & Public Services


    Why Choose Our Application Modernization Service?

    Technical Expertise

    Technical Expertise

    We've developed deep technical expertise and quality control in application modernization.

    Latest Technology & Methods

    Latest Technology & Methods

    We offer cutting-edge technologies which are easy to use and scalable. 

    Planned Evaluation

    Nobody wants to regret it later, that’s why we consult our clients and provide a proper evaluation of their applications.   

    Rapid Buildup

    On-time delivery of the project & 100% client satisfaction matter to us. And, we do it with perfection.  

    Adaptable Engagement Model

    Adaptable Engagement Model

    Our services are fully flexible, you can hire us full-time, part-time, and on an hourly basis according to your needs. 

    The BigOh Approach to Application Modernization

    App modernization process

    Assess & Prioritize

    We assess legacy applications and their value to the business and their technical debt over time. Then prioritize the ones with the highest value and lowest debts.

    Start From Small

    We start from small, then understand the nuances of the project and quickly pick up learning. Thus, it helps us deliver measurable success.
    Break down

    Break Down to Microservices

    At BigOh, we architect systems in such a way that the boundaries of microservices are defined within the monolith system.


    Our engineers apply it to bring agility, resilience, and security to your business applications that pave a path for building or modifying features the right way.

    Why our clients love us the most?

    Most Cost-Effective and Creative Application Modernization Agency

    BigOh is an innovative App migration agency that will minimize your total cost by migrating your app to the most recent tech stack at a low cost. Meanwhile, we believe in migrating apps with high quality and the latest technology.

    Thus, we convert your obsolete apps onto a newer tech stack in the shortest period possible while maintaining quality and adhering to top industry standards and practices.

    Technologies Our IT Experts Use To Modernize Your Applications

    • Programming languages
    • Framwork
    • Database
    • Cloud
















    Spring boot










    Relation DB

    Relation DB





    Digital ocean


    Google cloud

    Google cloud


    What is app modernization?

    App modernization refers to the process of updating legacy applications and systems to adapt to the modern infrastructure, architecture, and technologies to meet changing business needs, improve efficiency and at the same time enhance the User experience.

    Why do we need modernization?

    We need modernization to adhere to the business changes and the new technologies being adopted by the market. This not only keeps you updated with the changes happening around but also helps you in enhancing the User experience.

    What are the key technologies for application modernization?

    Microservice-based architecture: This enables the development and deployment of smaller and independent services which offer more agility and enhance the performance of the application throughout.

    Dev Ops: DevOps practices combine development and operation teams to automate and streamline the development and delivery processes.

    CI/CD deployment: This enables automated and green deployment, which keeps the record of all the deployments that took place and automate the entire development cycle.

    What would modernizing an application cost?

    To get the exact quote please visit the contact us page. 

    How do you approach App modernization strategy?

    Here is our app modernization strategy : 

    To begin with, Figure out the current setup along with the technologies being used.
    Secondly, Identify the key components that need to be modernized.
    Figure out the migration steps and needs clearly, DB migration can be one of the key pain points in the business, therefore, need to plan the same well in advance.
    Finally, If you are moving from a legacy application to a modern tech stack ensure that all the business cases are being handled as per the needs.