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Business AnalysisTackle big challenges through strategic planning and in-depth analysis. Our Business Analysis experts act as intermediaries between the client & the team to perform strategic analysis through various phases of the development cycle. 

We develop & deliver solutions with strong business value. Our Business Analysis services help clients launch IT solutions on time and within budget. Our BA team studies your business needs, goals, and objectives, and works closely with our developers throughout the entire project life-cycle. The result is clear, user stories, actionable specifications, wireframes, requirements, and much more.  

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    Our Business Analysis Services

    Our Business Analysis Framework in Software Development 

    Our Business Analysis process is very comprehensive from start to end. We do the following: 

    • Our BA converts your business ideas into functional solutions (epics or user stories-acceptance criteria).
    • They act as middlemen between you and the development teams during the development process. This helps in building robust products by gathering clear requirements, continuous communication, product backlog and sprint grooming, project planning, etc.
    • These BAs also ensure to provide clients with demos, solution implementation, solutions review- evolution-validation, and finally the end product. 

    If you want to be sure that all the wishes for the future software product are taken into account and structured competently, then you need a business analysis service and we can do this for you. 

    Why Choose Our Business Analysis and Consulting Services?

    vast tech experience

    Vast Tech Experience

    For over 10+ years, we've been helping international clients bridge the gap between technology and business and maximize the efficiency of their development efforts.  

    Custom-Tailored Recruitment

    Our professionals work continuously to meet the demands of each client and use the most effective recruiting techniques to find talents that perfectly match their expectations.

    Security by Design

    Our professionals adhere to leading information security standards & privacy policies. Additionally, they ensure that each product is highly resilient, secure, and stable by the moment it reaches the market. 
    in depth project analysis

    In-depth Project Analysis

    We carefully understand the project logic better while reviewing it in real conditions.

    IP & Data Protection

    Protecting the IP & Data of our clients is the crucial and most important thing for us which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure. 

    Consult The Best Business Analysis Company For Your Business Growth

    Big Oh tech aims at recommending the most suitable solutions for your growing business needs. We suggest cost-effective, and scalable IT solutions to help business achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.  

    Business Analysis Process


    Process 1

    Defining Business Goals

    As the first step, we study and define business goals. The product vision is defined that states how the particular product solves the problem at hand.
    Process 2

    Software Requirements

    Business analysts helps with defining, documenting, and maintaining software requirements throughout the software development life cycle. This is done through multiple processes including technical and market analysis.
    Process 3

    Project Documentation

    This step of the process involves documentation of the outlined features or qualities of the software program by a business analyst.
    Process 4

    Solution Design And Prototyping

    After analyzing the project scope, undertaking technical research and competitive analysis, we recommend the solution design and build a prototype. It is tested and then reworked as required until an acceptable outcome or system is achieved for product development.
    Process 5

    Software Engineering

    Lastly, we provide support for software engineering and implementation. We ensure that the whole product development cycle is carried out smoothly and effectively.

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    Business Analysis FAQs

    What are business analysis services?

    Here are the different business analysis services: 

    Business Process Analysis: This involves analysis and identifying the bottleneck in the businesses. Also, figuring out the areas where automation can be achieved.

    Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Gather out all the requirements and suggesting the functional features that needs to go in the product that needs to be developed for the end consumers.

    Strategizing and Planning: Strategizing and planning with the leadership team to develop a long term strategic plan

    Project Plan: Managing the project from start to finish, including planning, executing and monitoring.

    Can you help with defining business requirements, creating project plans, and managing stakeholder expectations?

     Yes, we do facilitate in all the above mentioned requirements. Our business analysis team have been developing business requirements and we have done the same for more than 250 + products. With this we create Project plans as well along with a complete strategy to handle the GTM strategy for the products and catering the need of all the stakeholders present.

    How do you approach gathering and analyzing data to support decision making?

     We do take different approaches for gathering the product requirement : 

    • SWOT analysis : We do perform a SWOT analysis for the product and it’s relevant stakeholders
    • User Persona Study : We do conduct a study of the relevant users that will be interacting with our product. We usually conduct surveys and take personalized interview of all the users 
    • Primary research : We conduct both primary and secondary research for the product that we are undertaking 
    • Continuous monitoring of the market : We monitor the market continuously, and work on improving the product road map as per the new trends in the market
    Can you help with defining and tracking project metrics and KPIs?

    Yes we have set different project metrics and KPIs, Few of them are : 

    • MAU (Monthly active Users) for a platform
    • DAU (Daily active users) for a platform
    • Infra reports to measure the projects technical health, In the form of logs that are placed in the system such as downtime and crashes in the product
    • Heat charts across the screen of the product to figure out our most clicked and viewed features