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You have heard about various trends dominating the industry ranging from AR/VR and AI/ML to an increasing surge of 5G. Adopting these technology trends helps businesses to attain a competitive advantage and shape technological trajectory.   

Not only is technology making our lives easy, but it is also helping businesses to reduce their costs, enhance customer experience, and drive more revenue.  

This blog will explore the top technology trends your business should leverage in 2024. Not only that, but we are also here to share the top 4 technology trends that will skyrocket your business growth in 2025. 

Top 14 Technology Trends In 2024

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

If you are a technology person, you must be clear that the popularity of AI is not going to shade anymore. AI is the latest technological trend that always stays at the top of tech trends.    

AI machines can learn and perform human-related tasks effectively and efficiently.

Various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, etc., are leveraging the power of AI and automation.   

AI technology is disrupting the world; it’s not just technology that global companies use. Every industry leverages this technology to smoothen their business operations and simplify customers’ lives.  

AI is everywhere, from chatbots we interact with to using voice assistants to living in smart homes.

When labor shortage becomes a major concern for manufacturing enterprises, technologies such as robotics, AI, and automation are there to smoothen manufacturing operations.   

So, AI technology acts as a powerful weapon for individuals and businesses as organizations implement AI-powered chatbots in their business processes and provide personalized responses to their customers.

Also, human and AI collaboration is the future in 2024, where humans will work side by side with AI ranging from automated testing, generating code to performing mundane tasks.   

2. Voice Search  

One study found that 71% of consumers prefer doing voice searches rather than manually browsing online. When it comes to voice search technology, consumers are going crazy, all thanks to voice assistants such as Siri for Apple and Google Assistant for Android.

Voice Search
Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a more dominant technology trend in 2024, helping users perform basic tasks such as playing music, setting reminders, checking the weather, or asking Siri to find the best restaurant.  

Using voice search is not where the user converses with a mobile phone. It’s more than that.   

Businesses must recognize the importance of voice search in today’s era. This emerging technology now comes with speech recognition capability that understands the user’s intent and delivers responses tailored to individual needs.  

In the future, Consumers will use voice recognition technology to make payment transactions. So, you no longer need to search for your credit card when shopping from your smartphone or computer as voice will become the preferred source for purchasing.  

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, aka Internet of Everything, basically means the interconnectivity of physical devices that can send and receive data using the Internet. IoT is a blessing for today’s consumers as they can lock their doors remotely, switch on their AC on the way home, etc.  

The number of IOT devices will increase to 29 billion by 2030. IoT devices are everywhere, from household goods to industrial tools businesses use.  

Number of IoT Devices Will Increase
Number of IoT Devices Will Increase

Additionally, IoT development technology is transforming the landscape by introducing the concept of smart cities, which uses data-driven technologies to improve resident facilities.  

IoT technology facilitates better safety, efficiency, and decision-making for businesses as the information is already collected and analyzed through the Internet.   

4. 5G technology 

5G is one of the top technology trends with the advent of fast internet connection. 5G, the 5th generation of technology, brought a massive difference to the world by facilitating speedier internet and better connectivity.  

3G and 4G technology enable users to mindlessly browse the Internet, watch series on Netflix, or listen to favorite songs on Spotify. With 5G, everything changed. 

Businesses can get plenty of benefits by leveraging 5G technology, including:  

  • 5G offers greater speed for users to download the app  
  • It facilitates faster file transfer  
  • It provides a great user experience 
  • 5G offers better virtual interactions by integrating AR and VR technology  

Do you know? While 4G technology takes around 26 hrs. for a movie to download, 5G technology takes 3.6 seconds. 

4G Technology vs 5G Technology
4G Technology vs 5G Technology

Moreover, various telecom companies are working on creating 5G applications, including Apple, Nokia, Qualcomm, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.  

5. Cybersecurity  

With the advancement of technologies, increase in remote work, AI, etc.; cyber threats are becoming a significant concern for enterprises nowadays. As the number of hackers is growing, it becomes imperative for companies to protect their data and system from cyber-attacks.  

Cybersecurity trends will always stay in fashion if hackers continue to be there. As hackers are always there to access data illegally, there comes the need for an organization to implement rigid frameworks and comply with regulations and standards.  

If an organization fails to implement cyber security measures, then it could break the trust of customers as well as create a negative financial impact on the company.   

6. Big Data

Big Data
Big Data

The data that is becoming large in volume, complex, and impossible to process is called big data. It is next to impossible for traditional software to process huge chunks of data.   

An increasing number of interactions between computers and machines accounts for accumulating vast data.   

So, Organizations use massive chunks of data, convert them into meaningful information and make data-backed business decisions. The art of doing this is popularly known as big data analytics. 

Big data provides 2-fold benefits to business-  

  • Companies can make faster and better decisions by analyzing large quantities of data   
  • Big data analytics leads to cost reduction as companies can save their costs in storing and analyzing data  

7. AR and VR  

Another top technology trend that is increasingly becoming popular in 2024 is AR/VR. AR is an altogether enhancement of the virtual world over the physical environment. While virtual reality is about immersing yourself in the virtual environment, the real world is hidden.   

In fact, in 2019, around 19 million AR/VR gadgets were sold.

AR/VR Gadgets
AR/VR Gadgets

From Pokémon Go to winning the hearts of millions of consumers, various industries such as healthcare, education, and retail have been using AR/VR to provide users with a whole new range of experiences.  

AR/VR development technologies have now become a part of our life, and that’s why many businesses are leveraging them to provide immersive experiences to the user.  

AR is revolutionizing the world by coming with AR avatars, expanding the scope of Web AR, and allowing users to experience the AR world without downloading mobile apps.   

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8. Edge Computing  

Edge computing will become a mainstream technology in 2024. In Edge computing, computation takes place at the physical location of the user, which in turn leads to faster data processing, saves bandwidth, and provides better response time.  

Millions of data points collect user information from social media, websites, email, etc. So, as the data becomes voluminous, cloud computing technology isn’t helpful. 

With the growing popularity of IoT devices, the demand for edge computing will increase significantly in the upcoming years. Also, various industries such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing use edge computing technology to process data faster and more efficiently.  

Edge computing technology is the next-generation technology helping businesses and is suitable for your business if your business has multiple locations or if you want to reduce the latency for customers. 

9. Chatbots  

Chatbot is one of the latest technologies that is helping millions of businesses to serve their customers. It is a software or computer program that provides human-like responses to the user.   

Today, chatbots are becoming more advanced as these technologies use AI and NLP to understand human queries, provide personalized recommendations to the user, etc.  

Now, chatbots are becoming more conversational these days. One research study found that businesses that employ conversational chatbots reduce customer costs by 30%.   

Businesses get various benefits by integrating chatbots on the website and other messaging platforms-  

  • Chatbots help businesses in generating leads 
  • They provide 24*7 customer support and answers FAQ, provide product recommendations, help customers with order tracking, etc.  
  • Help businesses to make their customer journey as smooth as possible 
  • It reduces the cart abandonment rate by communicating everything with the buyer until the last stage 

10. Blockchain  

When it comes to blockchain, people start relating it with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is simply a way of recording data and transactions. Blockchain is considered a secure technology as no individual or organization can control data. 

In the case of blockchain, there is no centralized authority because it is operated by the people who use it. Companies, including IBM and Samsung, use blockchain technology to have a decentralized network. 

The advantages of blockchain technology are numerous such as – helping organizations by saving money, automating time-consuming processes, creating smart contracts, and improving customer engagement.

11. Generative AI 

There has been a lot of buzz going around Generative AI because of the increasing popularity of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or DALL-E. 

This AI-powered technology is trained on existing datasets to create new content such as images, audio, video, text etc.  

Such technology helps companies with faster product development, enhancing employee productivity and improving customer experience.  

Recently, Gartner conducted a recent poll and surveyed 2500+ executives. The findings stated that nearly 38% of executives said that the primary reason behind making an investment in Generative AI is customer experience and retention. 

12. Sustainable technology 

Sustainable technology involves using information technology in a way that reduces environmental impact and reduces carbon footprints.   

IT organizations can adopt practices to become environmentally sustainable, such as using smart energy management systems, supporting remote cultures, etc.   

To bring sustainability to the software development industry, IT professionals can build digital solutions that consume less energy and require less space.   

For Instance – Cisco, a digital technology conglomerate, is inclined towards practicing sustainable IT and investing in resilient ecosystems to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. 

13. Quantum computing 

Though digital computers have made our lives easier, quantum computers take computing to a new level.  

According to McKinsey, quantum computing is the next big technology trend in 2024. Quantum computers can do complex calculations in minutes that normal computers can’t.  

Unlike classical computers that rely on bits (0 or 1), quantum computers are based on Qubits (both 0 and 1).   

A report from McKinsey states that quantum computing will generate a lot of value in the financial and life science sectors.  

In the financial sector, quantum computers speed up the customer onboarding process and are likely to improve fraud detection. 

14. Low code/No code development 

Tech companies need to launch digital products as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, companies find challenges in finding skilled IT resources.  

Workers can now accelerate their software development journey by using low-code/no-code tools or platforms.   

This means that even non-technical developers or ones with no technical expertise (citizen developers) can build innovative products without writing hundreds of lines of code.   

Low code and no code tools are a perfect choice for small and medium organizations as they can develop modern products at a low cost.

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Upcoming Technology Trends In 2025

Here are some upcoming technology trends in 2025:-

1. Web 3

Web 3
Web 3

According to Coinbase, Crypto is the decentralization of finance. Similarly, web3 is the decentralization of big tech. 

Web 3 facilitates decentralization, giving power to individuals rather than corporations. It is a new version of the Internet that is both open source and transparent, giving users complete control over data. 

In Web 3.0, data storage does not remain in a single database; Web 3.0 is a decentralized server where interactions between users and devices are possible without a central authority.  

Unlike Web 2.0, Web 3.0 gives power to creators and influencers to have control over their content which is shared and monetized. 

2. Driverless Technology

Driverless Technology
Driverless Technology

Another big technology trend that will dominate the world in 2025 is driverless technology or self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are there to change the way people live their life.  

As technology is getting more advanced, cars are becoming more intelligent. Self-driving cars, popularly known as autonomous vehicles, are gaining momentum worldwide. Driverless technology executes tasks using complex algorithms, actuators, sensors, and machine learning.  

Self-driving cars have inbuilt Sensors that detect the path and finally send instructions to the car actuators for braking, acceleration, and staring. 

 3. Robotic Automation

It becomes challenging for small and medium-sized businesses to employ complex robots as they are outside their scope of budget. Now, the introduction of Cobots is changing the way to help businesses to stand out from the crowd. 

Global Robotic Automation Market
Global Robotic Automation Market

Research studies from Grand View suggest that the global robotic automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39.3% from 2023-2030.   

Robotic automation technology is used across multiple industries, such as BFSI, healthcare, customer support, retail, invoice processing, etc.  

For Instance – A call center with a huge volume of requests can use Robotic process automation to manage everything from changing details across multiple systems to processing returns requests. 

4. Smell O Vision Technology

Smell O Vision Technology
Smell O Vision Technology

This technology is mostly used in the healthcare sector. This technology allows users to experience various types of smells using devices. 

Smell O vision technology enables users to smell the fresh bread a chef makes or smell the ocean while watching the TV. As per research studies, Smell O Vision technology is entering the virtual world where users must wear tiny wearables underneath their noses or through a soft mask because the virtual world is completely odorless. 

However, this technology is not compatible with extremely hot or cold environments.   

Wrapping Up 

Now, you get a fair idea about leveraging these technological trends in your business, which are there to completely change the way you interact with your customers, how you conduct your business processes, and create a better digital future.  

If you need to make your business stand out, it’s time for you to change your business landscape by leveraging these top 14 technology trends in 2024. 

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Q1. What role does 5G technology play in reshaping the world?  

5G technology is the 5th generation of technology and the latest generation of mobile networks to facilitate connectivity worldwide.

It enables businesses to do seamless interactions that have been possible earlier. At the same time, it provides a way for consumers to access information much faster than they could ever imagine. 

Q2. What are the top artificial intelligence trends?

Here are the top artificial intelligence trends that will bring transformation in the world-

1. Generative AI such as ChatGPT, DALL-E-2

2. Low code No code AI

3. Digital Twins

4. AI in voice technology

Q3. What are the upcoming technologies in IT in 2024?

Here are the upcoming technologies in IT in 2024

1. Web 3.0

2. Driverless technology

3. Smell O Vision Technology

4. Robotic automation

Q4. Which technology trends will have the most impact in the future?

Here are some of the technology trends that are going to transform the future

1. Artificial intelligence

2. Voice search

3. AR/VR

4. 5G technology

5. Blockchain

6. Edge computing

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