Top web development company in noida

BigOhTech is the leading web development company in Noida, which has expertise in developing cutting-edge enterprise software products helping enterprises to scale their business to the next level.  

BigOhtech, the web development company in Noida, offers innovative front-end and back-end technology solutions.   

Our company was incorporated in April 2020 with the sole objective of providing maximum value to enterprises.   

BigOhTech started its software development journey with just 5 members, got registered under Startup India in Jul 2020, and scaled to more than 130 members in April 2021.  

In August 2022, we introduced over 100 digital products and handled multiple projects for various industries. 

We at BigOhTech don’t believe in adopting a trial-and-error approach, as we are here to do fundamental research before coming up with innovative solutions. 

As the web designing company in Noida, BigOhTech follows the 3-chain value model – Being innovative, adopting transparent practices, and creating a bigger impact that can make a difference in the client’s business.   

Responsive Web Development Company in Noida  

Being the web development company in Noida, we will work as a business partner with an industry-specific approach helping you create a long-lasting impression on the mind of visitors.   

We are here to create customized websites tailored to your business needs and deliver unbeatable performance to your customers.   

Having the right mix of web developers, creative designers, content writers, BigOhTech can help you create custom and robust applications that can help you to retain your customers by 73%.  

Being the responsive web design company in Noida, BigOhTech has 8 years of experience in building SEO-friendly and responsive web apps that provide an unforgettable app-like experience to visitors and increases your brand visibility by 5x

Web Development Company in Noida

We have 50+ web developers in Angular, Vue, and React who can turn your idea into creating profitable web applications. Our dedicated team of web developers follows a 3-step methodology in creating websites that sell –  

  1. Planning Ideas   
  2. Design, develop and test the product   
  3. Deploy, review, and launch the website   

We adopt a customer-centric approach keeping our customers like the cherry on the top. Our team members achieve milestones only when customers become successful. We have helped various brands by creating responsive websites communicating their USP, including Grillhouse, HCL, etc.   

Want to know what we did for these brands and what results we brought for them? Just check out our portfolio section to understand how we can help you.   

If you have any questions regarding responsive web applications that can grow your business revenue, share your details in the contact us form. Our experts will get in touch with you shortly.

Web Development Services 

Look at our Web Development services to increase your brand visibility –   

1. Portal Development   

Our developers have more than 8 years of experience in custom web development. Additionally, We have expertise in developing web portals that can support multiple integrations. The portal development solutions at BigOhTech provide personalized experiences to customers while increasing their business growth by 5x.   

2. Web App UI/UX   

As the web development agency in Noida, we offer interactive UI/UX designs that can hook the users and keep them engaged for longer. Furthermore, We are a CMM level 3 and ISO-certified company that aims to build custom web solutions that can transform your business.   

3. Custom Progressive Web Application Development  

Being the web development company in Noida, we have a dedicated team of web developers with 10+ years of expertise in progressive web technology to customize web apps that help businesses grow by 10x. Web applications developed by our developers offer a native-like experience to visitors.  

4. Web App Support And Maintenance   

We won’t stop once you get the final product. Our web developers will stay with you till you are satisfied. We will provide end-to-end website maintenance services, whether developed by us or by a third party. Our developers work round the clock by fixing bugs or adding functionalities

Why Choose BigOhTech?  

  • Having a dedicated web development team to provide end-to-end maintenance and support   
  • Our team of dedicated web developers has the know-how in web design, web development, and SEO designs.   
  • Our progressive web developers use the latest tools and technologies to create responsive web designs.   
  • Having 10+ years of expertise in progressive web technology, we use cutting-edge technologies to create responsive web applications that increase your brand visibility by 10x


How to find the right web development company in Noida for a project? 

Follow these 5 tips to choose the web development company for your project in Noida -

  • You need to decide how many pages you require on a website and what features and functionalities you need on a website.   
  • Make a checklist of a few web development agencies in Noida that offer web development solutions to customers. Check out their official website, social media profiles, etc. 
  • Ask web development companies to showcase their portfolio. If they don’t have the portfolio, ask them to do the test for you.   
  • Keep an eye on what their customers say about their work. Check out the testimonials section on their website and pay attention to the reviews.   
  • Ask them about what technologies they use in creating websites. You need to evaluate their technical proficiency. 
How much does it cost for web development services in Noida?

The cost of developing a website depends on various factors. It is not fixed for all businesses as every business has different requirements. The average cost of developing a website is $30,000 to $1,75,000.   

But many factors influence the cost of website development -  

  • You need to decide which type of website you need. Is it a personal Blogging website, or is it an e-commerce site?
  • Design of the website. The more advanced functionalities you need in a website, the more it adds to the overall website development cost.
  • How many pages do you need on a website, one page or 100 pages? The cost will differ.
  • SEO-friendly features to the website.