Hire Dedicated Developers in India for Web & Mobile App

Businesses are building their entire processes, operations, and products around technology, for good. Therefore, companies are actively seeking or looking to hire dedicated developers.   

Android and iOS mobile and web application development is a process that involves huge investments and requires expertise and domain proficiency. Owing to this reason, companies want to hire the best developers for their product development.   

Businesses either hire an in-house for app development or go for a dedicated developer from an outsourcing company for their product development. While in-house hiring comes with its own share of challenges, hiring a dedicated developer is a much more convenient option. Let’s see how.   

Challenges of Hiring In-House Developers:

Following are the challenges that businesses often face while hiring an in-house developer:  

1. It requires significant investment: This includes recruitment, retaining, and training costs, as well as overheads.   

Resources would need to be devoted to training, as well as educating the new hires about your company culture, operations, and tech stack. In this case, there are higher chances of productivity slowdown in the initial period.   

2. Lack of broad expertise: With in-house hires, a business might miss out on extensive industry experience and expertise. This type of hiring involves a trial-and-error stage.   

Outsourced professionals are more often exposed to diverse clients and their unique business ideas, expanding their minds to various possibilities. In-house hires might lack this expertise and might not be able to anticipate dynamic industry trends.  

3. Less scalability: With in-house hires, businesses do not have a lot of flexibility in scaling up or down. In case a project grows over time, additional resources are needed or timelines change, a business would need to worry about hiring additional employees.   

Furthermore, if the in-house hire decides to leave the company mid-process, the business would be left hanging.   

4. Compromised quality: The web and mobile app development process involves a lot of stages and processes to get a good quality, reliable and scalable product. Unless a separate IT department is hired, quality is bound to be compromised.   

Challenges During in-house software development.

While in-house hiring is a tedious task with lots of costs involved, to hire dedicated developers is a good alternative for web and mobile app development. It gives you access to global talent. Additionally, a hired developer offers you the required expertise, comes with the industry experience, at a lower cost, and caters to your future scaling needs as well.   

Major benefits of hiring dedicated developers

All about hiring dedicated developers from India 

India has a huge market of tech experts. With a huge pool of talented, dedicated app developers proficient in a range of tools and technologies, businesses can leverage several advantages that come with Indian developers. 

In an interview with Business Standard, Martin Woodward, VP of Developer Relations at GitHub said, ‘India’s developers are shaping the future of software and directly influencing global innovation, with the country uniquely positioned to push this even further’. 

Hire dedicated developers in India

Benefits of Hiring Indian Developers 

1. Skills and experience  

The expertise that a web or mobile app developer or a team brings to the table is crucial in terms of achieving the product vision. Indian developers are skilled, well-qualified, and capable of executing diverse types of projects as the majority of tech experts have worked and developed products for all major industries.   

In fact, about 9.75 million Indian developers were active on GitHub in 2022. Moreover, more than 2.5 million Indians joined the platform in 2021 — a 35 percent year-over-year (YoY) increase.   

India was the second largest developer community on GitHub in 2022, behind the United States. At this pace of growth, GitHub predicts that users in India will match the current US GitHub developer population by 2025.  

 2. No language or communication barriers  

Indian web and mobile app developers are fluent in English. This helps them to understand the project requirements, and communicate clearly with the clients, avoiding any ambiguity.    

Furthermore, most US companies outsource their IT workforce from India. As a result, developers from India are well-trained to work as per the US industry standards.   

Dedicated developers Markting_Banner

 3. Cost-effective resources  

There are no fixed rates for hiring a developer. With regions, rates differ. While hiring a developer from the United States or Western countries, comes at higher hourly rates, developer rates for Ukraine or Asian countries like India are relatively much lower.  

Furthermore, Indian developers are known to be the most cost-effective resources globally. They deliver products matching the quality of European nations at much lower costs.   

 4. Time zone flexibility  

Differing time zones is one of the most challenging aspects of outsourcing product development.   

However, most Indian development companies are flexible in their work to ensure time zone compatibility. This allows them to quickly respond in any situation, crisis or otherwise.   

 5. Trustworthy  

Since India is one of the top markets for Indian developers, the services provided and the products delivered are reliable and scalable.   

Indian tech companies have diverse experience and years of exposure with both national and international clients. This has enabled them to form varied and diverse perspectives and come up with unique solutions.   

Furthermore, when you hire an Indian developer from a reputed firm, your rights as well as your private/ sensitive information would be protected with the help of a contract.   

Interestingly enough, there is a myth about hiring Indian developers. Developers from India are often seen as risk-averse or the ones who stick to instructions way too much. They are thought to be lacking creative thinking skills or innovation capabilities. Due to this reason only monotonous tasks that need to be done following traditional or rigid procedures are outsourced to India.   

However, BigOh debunks this myth in the way it works and thinks. With years of experience, we have expanded our range and we always look to develop something out of the box. With our domain expertise, we strive to create an impact with our innovations and transparent workflows.     

Types of Dedicated Developers in India   

Dedicated developers are categorized into two kinds: Freelance Developer and Dedicated developers from Outsourcing partners.   

Let’s look at some of the differences between the two categories in order to further help you decide which option best fits your business needs. Hire dedicated developers who fulfills your needs to the maximum.

Freelance Developer Dedicated developer from Outsourcing partners  
Independently working individuals with no association with any team or company. A company has a team of developers from where you can hire developers or the full team in India.  
Multiple developers could be needed for different functionalities and hence multiple touchpoints.  Hire one or more developers or an entire team; a single touchpoint. 
The risk factor is high as a freelancer may halt your project anytime causing you losses. Furthermore, the NDA might not include not working with competitors. Hence, the security of data might be compromised.   Here, the risk factor is much lower. Companies have a reputation to maintain and goodwill to build and therefore bad word of mouth publicity can make or break any business.  
Management is difficult. Communication barrier.  Easy management and smooth communication through the HR department.  
Need to conduct interviews and assess carefully before you hire a freelancer. Expertise is not ensured.  Choice has to be made from a pool of pre-vetted tech experts and professionals. 
Low cost of hiring freelance developers in India.  Comparatively high costs as company profits are also included in the costs.  
Limited access to tools and technologies. Varied skills and easily accessible tools and technology.  
Slower time to market. Faster time to market. 

How to Hire the Best Indian Developers?   

A freelance developer is chosen based solely on an individual’s skills and experience. Sites like Upwork, Guru, Toptal, Freelancer, etc, can be looked through to find a freelance developer. Vacancies can also be posted on job portals such as Monster, Dice, and Indeed.  

They will undoubtedly be less expensive than hiring from an outsourcing partner, but they might not always be given the liability that a single person may bring and the risk that they might increase for your company. 

On the other hand, hiring a developer from an Indian outsourcing partner who is reliable, reputed, and trusted in the industry is important.  

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Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing an Indian outsourcing partner:  

1. Tech plus a product partner:

Establishing a product mission and vision is a crucial first step in the product development process. Communicating the same to the outsourcing partner is equally important.   

A good outsourcing product development partner is one who is not only tech proficient but also has an effective product strategy and SPIN in sales.    

Confused about the ‘whys’ and ‘how’ of product development? Big Oh is there to help you! With our technical consulting services, we are a one-stop destination for application development and product-related questions and services.     

2. Indian Industry Experience and domain expertise:

Check a product development company’s percentage of successfully finished projects followed by detailed client journeys undertaken, case studies, and similar industry work.     

An outsourced product development company should have in-depth industry knowledge. Additionally, interact with the team working on your product, and evaluate them, their certifications, credentials, etc.    

3. Reviews and references:

Read through reviews, feedback, testimonials, and view ratings on platforms like Clutch, LinkedIn, CIO Review, Ambition Box, Glassdoor, Google Review, and Quora to analyze the credentials of a company. Also, look for referrals from your network.    

4. Understand product development companies’ workflows/processes:

Understanding and agreeing to the workflow or processes of the product development company you hoping to collaborate with is of utmost importance to avoid future conflicts.   

An outsourcing product development partner must follow the latest manual and automation QA and testing measures along with great UI/UX designs and development methodologies.  

5. Data security provisions and compliance:

A good outsourcing development partner must have a bulletproof data security and confidentiality system. Look for data security certifications, breach prevention measures, and strong data protection policies on site.     

NDA should be signed in order to safeguard a client’s business ideas.      

6. Ability to innovate:

Examine the tech companies’ potential to make products compatible with modern technologies, and languages. Check how proficient the potential vendor is working with emerging technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, WhatsApp bots and chatbots, AR/VR, IoT, etc.     

7. After-development services:

Always go for an outsourced product development partner that provides continuous maintenance and support services. Moreover, a good tech partner would also provide assistance with short notice and emergency support requests.     

It is very important to choose the right Indian outsourcing partner in order to achieve the intended business goals through product development. Read through BigOh’s blog which provides readers with details of points to consider while choosing an outsourced product development company and making the right decision for your business!  

Besides, you can also look for the best software development companies in India from top review sites like Clutch and Good Firms. You can also rely on recommendations or social networking sites like LinkedIn to find the best developers.  

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While hiring a dedicated developer is easier than recruiting a developer, it has benefits that are reflected in the final product and makes it stand out. Furthermore, hiring developers from India is a practical decision. Indian developers possess high skills and extensive experience, and their quality-to-cost ratio is great.  

Looking for dedicated Indian developers and an outsourcing partner who delivers what was promised? With BigOh’s ‘hire a developer’ program, you can first experience our services for free for 3 days and then choose us as your outsourcing product development partner. Our dedicated developers from India help you scale your business and reach new heights!  

BigOh’s efforts and processes are in sync with the vision and mission of your product in order to give you the desired results and nurture a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency with our clients.   


Q1. Which is the best way to hire dedicated developers in India?

You can find Indian developers at sites like Upwork, Guru, Toptal, Freelancer, etc. Job vacancies could be posted on portals such as Monster, Dice, and Indeed.  
Besides, you can also search for the top Indian software development companies on sites like Clutch and Good firms. You can go by recommendations or look on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Q2. Can I hire a dedicated developer for hourly or project-based tasks?

This depends on the outsourcing partner one is hiring the developers from. 

Q3. How much does it cost to hire a dedicated developer?   

Costs to hire a dedicated developer are different for different regions. Hiring an Indian developer usually costs around $20 / hour.   

Q4. What are the criteria for selecting a developer for my app?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a developer for your product, including technical proficiency, analytical prowess, and domain knowledge. Above all, developers need to have the proper attitude in addition to technical expertise to turn your idea into a successful product. 

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